Stacey Solomon terrifies Joe Swash by waving penis shaped jelly in his face – The Sun

Stacey Solomon left Joe Swash looking absolutely horrified as she waved penis-shaped jelly in his face.

The Dancing on Ice 2020 winner was mortified after she presented him with the rude creation, while baby Rex was on his lap completely oblivious to what was going on.

Stacey, 30, was in hysterics as she filmed herself presenting boyfriend Joe, who she has nicknamed Hoe, with a plate of jelly in the shape of a penis.

She captioned the clip: "Hoe loves it really," she wrote, "OMG I need to grow up!"

The singer then cooed: "Snack time!", before cheekily telling Joe: "Go on, give it a good lick!"

Joe was not amused as he thrust himself backwards in seat away from his adult-themed dessert.

Rex squealed as Joe moaned: "I don't wanna lick it, you f*****g lick it!"

Stacey was able to mould the jelly in the shape of a penis with wrapping paper from one of baby Rex's toys.

The tot, who Stacey nicknamed Pickle, turned one yesterday and his he celebrated with his parents in style, as they threw him a jungle-themed birthday with rustic cake and tasty cookies.

Showing fans a snap of her cradling newborn Rex with his dad Joe Swash, Stacey said: "Waking up to you every pickle, every morning for the last year has brightened up our world."

"Pickle you are a living angel who brings so much light into our lives and we can not believe that today we are waking up to a year of our pickle."

Stacey Solomon couldn't resist having a cheeky laugh on social media as she celebrated her son Rex's first birthday yesterday.

Stacey, 30, took to her Instagram story to keep her followers updated on the tot's special today as he opened his gifts and spent quality time with him famous mum and dad, Joe Swash.

Holding up one of her son's new toys, Stacey giggled: "We were just cleaning up the rubbish for this…"

She then went on to hold up the packaging for the toy, which just so happened to be penis shaped.

Laughing even more, Stacey added: "What the hell?" as she held the plastic up to the camera.

"Take it off your face!" boyfriend Joe Swash told her as he stood in the background.

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