Streaming Dips But Still Nearly Doubles 2019 Level; ‘Ozark’ Tops SVOD List – Nielsen

Total streaming declined slightly for the week of April 13 to its lowest level in about a month. Even so, the 154.6 billion total streaming minutes still nearly doubled the amount of the same week in 2019, according to Nielsen’s latest look at COVID-19 media trends in the U.S.

About 23% of Americans with TVs put them to use last week, Nielsen said, a decline of about 2%. New York, the epicenter of the coronavirus, has also posted the biggest percentage gain of any market in terms of TV use from March 9 to April 19, rising more than 20% in that span.

Large swaths of the country remain on lockdown due to the pandemic, but a debate has raged in recent days as to when and how some states and cities intend to end shutdowns and reopen. Businesses have taken a staggering hit, and in just the past five weeks, all job gains since the 2008-09 recession have been erased as tens of millions have become unemployed.

Nielsen did not hazard any theories for the overall TV and streaming dip, which could simply be a sign of restlessness after what, for most Americans, has been five weeks of quarantine.

To determine total use of TV, Nielsen includes live linear viewing, timeshifting/VOD, DVD, and usage of gaming consoles and internet-connected devices such as Chromecasts or smart TVs.

Ozark topped the rankings of overall subscription video on demand titles as well as Netflix shows viewed on mobile platforms. On the SVOD list, measuring the week of March 30, all of the top 10 shows are on Netflix. Other top titles include Tiger King and The Office. Ozark also beat Tiger King on Nielsen’s list of most-viewed Netflix shows on mobile devices, surpassing the 1 million mark in minutes viewed.

Total mobile video app usage for the week of April 13 declined 2% to a shade less than 66 billion minutes, with Netflix taking up about 9% of that. YouTube accounts for a remarkable 75% of all mobile viewing.

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