Succession Star Brian Cox Thinks Logan's Death Happened 'Too Early': 'I Did Feel a Little Bit Rejected'

Were you caught unprepared by Logan Roy’s abrupt death in Succession‘s final season? Brian Cox was, too.

The actor who played the Roy family patriarch opens up about the plot twist in a new interview with BBC News, admitting that he initially felt like Logan’s demise happened too soon in the HBO show’s final run. Series creator Jesse Armstrong “decided to make Logan die, I think ultimately too early,” he now says. “He made him die in the third episode. I think maybe he could’ve died… in the fifth or sixth episode.”

“It was an odd feeling” for Cox to leave the cast so early, he remembers. “I looked at it, wrongly, but I looked at it as a form of rejection. I was fine with it ultimately, but I did feel a little bit rejected.”

But Cox never voiced his concerns to Armstrong, he says: “There’s no point going down that road, especially with somebody like Jesse, because he’s already made a plan.” He adds that Armstrong “did it brilliantly… And it was bold of Jesse. And that’s where Jesse’s great. I mean, he’s a genius. There’s no question he’s a writing genius.”

Cox’s character Logan passed away suddenly during an international flight in the final season’s third episode, leaving his children in shock. (Read our full recap here.) Succession airs its series finale this Sunday at 9/8c; get a sneak peek here.

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