‘Supernatural’: The CW Hopes To Shoot Final Two Episodes In Late Summer But Will Remain Flexible

Supernatural was dealt a cruel blow when the production shutdown hit its final two episodes from being shot.

However, The CW is keen for the long-running drama to “end 15 years the right way” with a fall premiere planned for its remaining seven episode run.

The CW’s CEO and President Mark Pedowitz laid out how the show will film its two final episodes, although he admitted that it would remain flexible given the current situation.

“We already have five episodes in the can of Supernatural, Jared and Jensen will go back as soon as they are able to to finish up the last two episodes and then Jared will go off to Walker. The two studios are in constant communication to make sure that this is a seamless handoff,” he said.

The plan is for these two episodes, which shoot in Vancouver, to shoot in “late summer” or “early fall” with Jared Padalecki then going to shot Walker, which is set to launch in January.

“Everybody, the studio, exec producers, Jared, Jensen and Misha all want to end 15 years the right way. It is important that these two episodes they are shooting will be done the way they want to do them. We’ll just wait it out. We’re very much attached to this.”

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