Susanna Reid’s ‘heartbreak’ on day her teenage son got his A-level results

Susanna Reid is due to return to Good Morning Britain in a matter of days, having spent the past few months spending time with her sons.

However, her time spent at home wasn’t all smooth-sailing, as the GMB star revealed she faced a tough few days with her eldest son.

The 49-year-old presenter said she faced a “heartbreaking” issue as her son, Sam, 18, lined up to receive his A-level results earlier this year.

Branding the experience as a "week of carnage,” Susanna made it clear she was devastated for the students whose futures were at risk due to the controversial Covid grading system.

Students up and down the country were in an uproar earlier in August as the government revealed they would receive predicted grades based on national outcomes and school performance.

Many felt their results had been downgraded, threatening their chances in entering competitive university courses and securing placements.

Opening up about the results, Susanna said: "Once logged in, many sixth-formers were blindsided with grades that took little account of their hard work or their teachers' assessments.

"They were judged by a complicated algorithm that even an A* maths student would fail to understand.

"University places were closed to desperate pupils like doors slamming before their eyes.”

Writing in her column for the Daily Mail, she added: "For students, this was devastating.

"As a mum, it was heartbreaking, even though my son was lucky."

She finished: "I had friends WhatsApp me in desperation over their tearful children."

Susanna is a mum to three boys, raising sons Sam, Finn, 16, and Jack, 15, with her ex-partner, journalist Dominic Cotton, 53.

No doubt, she will have plenty to say on the issue when she returns to GMB on September 2 with her co-host Piers Morgan.

Good Morning Britain airs on weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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