TBBT star Mayim Bialik takes us behind the scenes of Miranda reboot Call Me Kat


The Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik is getting to work on her new comedy Call Me Kat and gave us a glimpse at how things are going during the coronavirus pandemic.

From getting hand sanitiser as a welcome present in her dressing room to filming without an audience, the actress shared it all in a video posted on her YouTube channel.

Call Me Kat, based on the British comedy Miranda, is about a woman who quits her teaching job to open a cat cafe.

As well as starring, Mayim is producing the project with The Big Bang Theory co-star Jim Parsons.

Arriving on set wearing a face mask for the first day she showed fans around her dressing room, which included a blanket for those all important power naps and toys given to her by her kids.

She said: ‘I’m a champion napper, I learned this skill from an ex years ago who is a world class napping expert, and I learned that it really does make a big difference to be able to nap when there’s an opportunity.

‘I discovered late in life that I can go to sleep anywhere any time.’

After getting her hair and makeup done she arrived on set to start shooting.

With filming taking place during the health crisis, there were no writers on set.

They had to wait between scenes while a team swooped in to clear up the confetti thrown in the first scene.

Of course she managed to get a quick snooze in during the day.

When filming wrapped for the day Mayim gave a quick rundown of how filming went.

She said: ‘We filmed a lot of pages, there was a cat, we’ve done a lot today and we have a lot to go.

‘Typically we film with a live studio audience and because of Covid we cannot. So we’re filming like it’s a movie, which means we filmed all day. We have a handful of other producers from my company and Jim Parsons’ company who are tested and allowed to be on stage, but its very quiet and it’s very difficult.’

The star went on to explain how it felt film a comedy without anyone to react to the gags.


‘A lot of sitcom acting is dependent on timing based on laughs and what works for the audience,’ Mayim said. ‘So it’s definitely a new way of learning to do this kind of comedy. But its been a good first day, I’m hungry and tired and glad that I napped at lunch.’

Call Me Kat, like many other TV and film productions, had to be put on hold during lockdown in the US.


She told Metro.co.uk that the scripts ‘are really, really lovely’.

‘We’ve definitely Americanised it. We’re not as funny as you are over there but we’re doing our best though.’

Mayim added: ‘I have a lot of other projects that are also in development phase, which is also a great time to have all this downtime as it’s a lot of meetings which can be done through Zoom and things like that.’

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