Teen Mom fans beg Chelsea Houska to 'stop getting fillers' & claim her face looks 'puffy' in a shocking new photo | The Sun

TEEN Mom fans are begging Chelsea Houska to "stop getting fillers" and are claiming her face appears puffy in a shocking new photo.

Chelsea has been under fire from fans in recent months for her face-altering procedures.

The Teen Mom's fans have been fuming over recent photos of Chelsea's face and they have had plenty to say on fan forums.

Posting a photo of Chelsea's face, one critical fan wrote: "Her face honestly does not look bad besides her lips."

A second said: "Her face is literally uneven around her mouth. I really don’t like to comment on her face because she has anxiety so bad and really focuses so much time on her face everyday, but around her mouth that line, one side is puffier than the other."

The same fan asked: "Is Randy still doing her Botox and filler at his dental office?"

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A third commented: "I have to wonder how much of this is actually just filters."

Yet a fourth said: "Chelsea is trying to avoid the inevitable- looking like her mom. She looks like her mom now but just puffy. Not a good look."

A fifth pleaded: "Hopefully she’ll stop the filler."


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Recently, Teen Mom fans were also convinced Chelsea secretly wears a wig.

In an old Instagram post, Chelsea posted a series of photos of herself in different outfits.

The try-on haul post featured the Teen Mom alum as she modeled her latest shopping spoils.

She wears everything from a ripped sweater to an embroidered leather jacket with blue jeans combo.

Chelsea captioned the post: "Sundays are for shopping. Linking everything in my stories."

Fans took to the comments to discuss the 16 & Pregnant alum's various looks.

One fan joked: "Love all your outfits, love your style… just wish I could fit into them."

A second fan added: "Love your style girl!!! You're so beautiful."

A third said: "You look fabulous and love the style."

Other Teen Mom fans were less interested in the detail of Chelsea's leather jacket and more interested in the mom of four's hair.

A fan commented: "Honey, that wig is TIRED".

Another said: "Is it a wig or a weave? Either way, yikes!"

A third added: "She needs to stop with the extensions and just let her scalp breathe for the first time in its life."

A fourth asked: "Question, cause I don't know what I'm looking at. Is it a little hair-hat that sits on top?"

Another answered: "It’s called a topper, it’s a partial wig."

A sixth concluded: "Less is more man… less fake hair, less makeup and fewer fillers."

Chelsea, 30, shares daughters Layne, three; Walker, one; and son Watson, five, with husband Cole DeBoer and daughter Aubree, 12, with her ex Adam Lind, 32.


Meanwhile, fans thought Chelsea looked unrecognizable in a resurfaced throwback prom photo alongside her rarely-seen baby daddy Adam Lind.

Teen Mom fans shared a series of photos of Chelsea, 29, through the years before and after the show aired.

One of the photos shows her at prom with her former baby daddy Adam, wearing his black tie around her neck.

It's paired up next to a photo of her standing next to her husband and current baby daddy Cole DeBoer.

Some said she was "unrecognizable," especially compared to more recent photos.

One fan wrote: "She looks like a completely different person."

Another said: "She looks terrible. Her face looks rock hard and ages her like 15 years."

A third fan came to her defense and said: "I know this is going to be v unpopular, and I’m sure I’ll hear about every single thing Chelsea has done wrong, but you can’t argue that she’s had a major glow-up."

A fourth wrote: "She has the BEST hair. Don't care what color, don't care if it's fake."

Yet a fifth commented: "She looks great for having 4 babies and she takes care of herself nutritionally and fitness-wise. I don’t always love her style or aesthetic but she loves it and it shows in her confidence."


Chelsea has faced even more backlash from fans who claim she has gone overboard with plastic surgery and fillers.

Fans noticed she had much thinner brows and lips than she does now.

After changing her hair color, fans couldn't help but compare Chelsea to another MTV star, Snooki.

The Teen Mom 2 star has also been accused of photoshopping her looks and appearing "unnaturally tan."

Back in May, there was a beauty blunder with her spray tan.

While on an outing with her girlfriends, fans noticed that the MTV star looked near-orange.

Teen Mom fans once again flocked to critique her look.

"It's amazing that after all these years Chelsea still can't manage to apply her tanner correctly," said one user.

 "Holy orange," commented another.

Chelsea was accused of "blackfishing" after she had shared photos on social media. 

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Blackfishing refers to someone pretending to be Black, or mixed-race, by using things, such as hair styling and makeup.

Chelsea appeared very dark as she filmed social media videos from her car.

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