'Teen Mom': Jenelle Evans Defends Herself for Making Fun of Her Stepdaughter

After losing custody of her kids last year, Jenelle Evans has been doing everything to clear her name. The former Teen Mom 2  star recently started releasing a string of videos to explain the situation that resulted in the temporary loss in custody. Now, she is defending herself against some of the accusations she made against her stepdaughter, Maryssa Eason.

Why did Jenelle Evans lose custody of her kids?

Evans lost custody of her children after her husband David Eason shot a dog in front of them. He claimed that he did it to protect their young daughter, Ensley. David went into detail about the incident in their I Have Something to Say series on YouTube.

“She was a loving dog to me, but she was not loving toward our kids at all,” David said. “I loved the dog, the kids loved it. But she didn’t love the kids. Anytime we were taking a video of the kids riding their bikes, playing outside, we’d have to delete the video, not even be able to post it because she didn’t play nice. She would bite their feet, she would bite the wheels on her bicycle. She wasn’t always vicious, but she had a lot of vicious tendencies. She really was kinda mean. We put up with it for a long time.”

Jenelle makes fun of Maryssa

In the fifth installment of the YouTube series, Evans opened up about how one of their court dates in front of a new judge went. She specifically spoke about how Maryssa testified against them.

“Her story went from last time ‘David pushed down a door with his two bare hands,’” Evans said making fun of Maryssa. “Now it’s ‘David ripped a screen door off the front door’ – we never had a screen door. A few minutes later she goes ‘we don’t have screen doors on anything.’”

She continued, calling Maryssa out.

“Then she [Maryssa] said she acts happy even when it’s a candid video that I’ve presented to the court.”

“And she claims that she’s been scared and not wanted to live with us for the past two years and not wanted to live with us in the first place,” Evans continued.

She summed the story up by claiming that Maryssa was just making things up in order to go back to her old school.

Jenelle defends herself

After the video went public, people began calling Evans out for making fun of her stepdaughter in such a public forum. Evans recently took to Twitter to defend herself.

“Made fun of her for lying on stand to a judge in front of seven lawyers? Those are facts,” Evans tweeted. “The next video I post will explain this.. but I don’t have videos or pics of her on there. I have showed Maryssa these videos before they are posted. Keep being mad but Maryssa is just fine.”

She went on to explain why Maryssa said the things that she did.

“Maryssa’s relationship with me was far from perfect during that time,” she continued. “She was persuaded by the wrong people at the time and I’m just beginning to understand what happened in her situation.”

“That last video YouTube I posted was an old video from June 2019 before our case was dismissed and over with,” she wrote in a follow-up tweet. “We thought she hated us at the time but we realize that it was her being confused. Like I said.. my next and last video will explain this.”

She finished by defending her decision to post the clip at all.

“Also… I didn’t HAVE to post any of that but I am honestly sharing so everyone has insight how we were feeling at that given moment,” she finished. We were frustrated parents at the time. I could have cut that entire part out… but I didn’t.”

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