Teen Mom Leah Messer throws daughter Addie, 8, unicorn-themed birthday bash with donuts, balloons & silly costume hats

LEAH MESSER gave her daughter a dreamy eighth birthday celebration complete with decadent donuts and colorful balloons.

The Teen Mom star pulled out all the stops for her youngest on her special day, despite the pandemic ruling out many events.

The 28-year-old commemorated Addie with sentimental Instastory photos as she wished the child a "happy birthday."

The mom-of-three zoomed in on her daughter while she wore a large shiny birthday sash and flowered unicorn headband on her day.

Leah then shared a clip of a dozen donuts with fancy toppings as she wrote: "I have a very happy birthday girl!"

Addie and her siblings got festive with party-poppers and colorful balloons as they sang the classic birthday song.

The MTV star recently treated herself to a "dress up" evening, as she pretended to go out during the pandemic.

The famous mom looked stunning in a knee-length sparkly pewter dress, curled hair and full makeup.

She posed with a smoldering look and captioned the shot: "It’s FriYay! Where we going Queen? 😘✨#tgif 📸- @leeshialee."

One fan was not pleased by the question, bluntly replying: "Nowhere there is a pandemic."

Leah clapped back as she ensured her followers the photo was just for fun, writing:"True 😂😂. But we can dress up and play pretend until then 😅💟."

In a second photo the MTV star sought to inspire her fans by adding: "Every new moon I set ✨NEW✨ intentions for the month, and every full moon I release any toxic s**t that may be preventing me from reaching my monthly goals or that I may have allowed to block me from a higher purpose!

"Here’s to releasing toxic energy & crushing our goals in February. What are some ways that you can cleanse your mind, body, & soul going into the new month? Slayyy Queen!🌝."

The Teen Mom 2 star was recently slammed by her following for taking a girls trip to Nashville during the pandemic.

Leah was seen partying at bars during her vacation without a mask, while her 11-year-old daughter Ali suffers from muscular dystrophy.

The TV personality previously forced her children to drop their after-school activities due to Ali's "compromised immune system", causing rage in fans who believed her girl's weekend to be hypocritical.

After returning from Nashville, the controversial parent admitted to having "mom guilt" for taking time away from her family.

Leah confessed: “If you’ve ever felt ‘mom guilt’ raise your hand. These past couple of days have been TOUGH. 

“It’s no secret I love my girls, but sometimes it’s such an internal battle when I have to leave them to work." 

“I want to build a solid foundation for my daughters & inspire them to reach their goals and balancing that with quality time can be challenging. How do you handle mom guilt?" she asked.

“What allows you to find that balance? Let’s build each other up and share some tips below."

Fans were not receptive to the post, calling the young mom "fake" for her rehearsed caption.

“Everything about this feels so faaaaake. Blah, I hate Instagram. So polished and perfect and preachy. NO ONE IS LIKE THIS IN REAL LIFE," one ranted.

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