Teen Mom Maci Bookout shares new video of son Bentley, 12, after ex Ryan Edwards claims he can get custody of preteen

TEEN Mom star Maci Bookout shared a sweet new video of Bentley, 12, having fun with his brother Maverick, 4, and step-dad Taylor McKinney.

Earlier this week, Maci’s ex Ryan Edwards claimed he has “evidence” that could get him custody of their son Bentley.

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Not letting Ryan’s claim bother her, the Teen Mom posted a cute clip of her boys and her husband goofing off and everyone smiling and laughing together.

All three stood together with hats in their hands as Taylor counted, “One, two, three.”

As soon as he said three, they all showed off a new move they learned and threw their hats up in the air, from one hand into the other, and then placed them backwards on their heads.

After the smooth transitions were made, Taylor and Bentley cooly turned around and walked away from the camera, with Maverick giggling and following them shortly after, right into his big brother’s arms.

Maci’s laughter can be heard from behind the camera, right along the rest of her family’s.

She captioned the post: “Boys and their ball caps! ⚾️☺️ @ttmlifestyle #thingsthatmatter”

Fans commented how much they love the video and seeing them all together, just having fun.

One follower wrote: “Love how Maverick looks toward Bentley, you can tell how much he looks up to his big brother. 

“Bentley is so smooth! And Taylor makes sure Maverick got it before turning, then looks to Bentley. 

“The love between these three is so obvious😍”

After seeing the sweet note, Maci responded: “yes! All of this 🔥”

Maci, 29, and her husband Taylor, 32, have been feuding with Ryan, 33, and his family over the past few years over Bentley. 

On Teen Mom OG, Bentley refused to see his father, who has struggled with heroin addiction, until he agreed to attend therapy with him, as Ryan blamed Maci for being unable to see their son. 

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Ryan revealed he has a wild plan to obtain custody of the pre-teen. 

He told The Sun: “I’ve collected enough information that is on video and pictures to be able to have Bentley all the time.

“I’m not trying to turn Bentley’s world upside down so I’m trying to find a way to do this.”

Ryan did not specify what the alleged “evidence” is. 

Meanwhile, Maci threatened that she would finally "expose the TRUTH" about Ryan after he called her a "b***h" and her husband a "punk b***h."

The latest feuding comes after the explosive reunion special, where Maci's husband went off about his wife's baby daddy, saying: "I think every week when you watch a new episode, you think Ryan can't possibly be any dumber than he is, and he will prove you wrong the next week.

"I mean that guy can really show you how big a piece of s**t he really is.”

After the reunion, Ryan, his wife Mackenzie, and his parents Jen and Larry were all fired from the network.

Ryan previously told The Sun that Maci got the family fired out of “retaliation” following the encounter at the special.

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