Teen Mom’s Mackenzie McKee throws her dad a boat party on his wedding anniversary to her late mother Angie – The Sun

MACKENZIE McKee threw her father a boat party on his wedding anniversary to her late mother, Angie.

The Teen Mom star and her siblings got together to relive their favorite memories of Angie, who tragically died from cancer in December.

Mackenzie shared several snaps from their fishing trip, as well as an old photo of her parents kissing and one of Angie on the boat before she became ill.

The MTV star captioned the emotional post: "Usually on this day, my mom and dad would be in a boat together celebrating their wedding anniversary.

"The happiest day of their life.

"The best love story this world will ever see. Not perfect, but I love that never gave up."

The mom-of-three went on: "So me and my sibling spent the day in the boat with dad and he told us all of his favorite anniversary memories.

"Some tears were shed and he had to keep it g rated… but man how I wish it was her in the boat with him."

Mackenzie concluded the post by highlighting how important family is during times of grief.

"We cling together during these times. Thank you God for a family like them. #preciousmemories @angiedouthit."

Angie was diagnosed with brain cancer in January 2018 and just a few months later, the disease had spread to her lungs and bones.

She began chemotherapy in June and seemed to be doing better, but the cancer returned last year.

Back in September, Angie revealed she had 10 tumors in her brain and other "tiny" tumors in her lungs.

She stopped chemotherapy in August and died four months later.

Mackenzie has been open about her low moods since Angie's death, revealing she struggles to get up in the mornings.


She tweeted back in January: “No matter how much sleep I get, or how many days in a row I wake up the same time.

"It’s still so so hard. WHY CANT I WAKE UP IN THE MORNINGS. Does anyone have tips?”

She was also very moved by Demi Lavoto's Grammy Awards performance writing: "Wow Demi Lovato really did that. those lyrics came straight from her heart.

"Gives me hope to crawl out of this dark spot I’m in."

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