Terrifying horror film Hereditary leaves Netflix viewers ‘unable to sleep for a week’ – The Sun

NETFLIX viewers have been left unable to sleep after the streaming service added Hereditary to it's horror movie list.

The 2018 supernatural film, which stars Toni Collette and Gabriel Byrne, tells the story of Toni's character Annie Graham as she follows the nightmarish goings on to her family following the death of her mum Ellen.

Since landing on Netflix this week, fans have taken to Twitter to reveal just how scary the film really is.

"They put hereditary on netflix, to this day that film still gives me chills (sic)," one person posted, while a second added: "Hereditary is now on Netflix watch it and don't sleep for a week."

A third person said: "they added hereditary on netflix…… kinda wanna watch but i don't wanna not be able to sleep for a week again (sic)."

A fourth person claimed: "20 minutes into watching hereditary on Netflix and my heart has stopped twice," while a fifth viewer said: "Hereditary is now on Netflix. It is utterly terrifying and I was disturbed for months after watching it."

After first being shown at the Sundance Film Festival, Hereditary was hailed as the "scariest movie ever" and some people were even freaked out by the film's trailer.

The two-minute clip for the frightfest is backed by an eerie staccato soundtrack and builds from Ellen's funeral through to the violent effects of the evil hanging over the family.

Toni's character Annie appears to be a target for whatever supernatural force is at play when her daughter Charlie (Milly Shapiro) asks: "Who's going to look after me when you die?"

IMDB says of the plot: "The more they discover, the more they find themselves trying to outrun the sinister fate they seem to have inherited," and it's even been compared to horror classic The Exorcist.

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