Terrifying horror film Impetigore leaves viewers 'traumatised and unable to sleep' as woman hunted by entire village

A HORROR film that's generating a lot of Oscars buzz is keeping viewers awake at night due to sheer terror.

Impetigore is the latest film from Joko Anwar and could well be Indonesia's first Academy Award-nominated film.

The folk horror film follows newly orphaned Maya (Tara Basro) who has had a frightening man threaten her life and insists her name is really Rahayu.

Completely confused and wanting answers, Maya heads back to her childhood village of Harjosari where her wealthy parents have left her a huge house sitting on a sprawling estate.

The only catch is it's in the middle of the jungle, by a cemetery with way too many children's graves and the locals are not very welcoming.

Impertigore's terrifying trailer shows Maya stumbling across the village secret and witnesses the birth of a baby with a very gory defect.

She is chased through the jungle by villagers as she battles for her life.

The village matriarch ominously warns Maya, "you are a mistake, that I need to erase."

Shot with an amber tinge, the trailer is full of scary moments, complete with human skulls, sacrifices and even people being hung upside down from the rafters.

The film first released on horror network Shudder last year and has been long listed for Best Foreign Film at this year's Academy Awards.

If it is nominated, Impetigore would become the first Indonesian film to score an Oscars nod.

Impetigore also has a 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes with many of its fans claiming they "sweated" in fear while watching the "super tense" film.

"Has anyone seen the film Impetigore? Indonesian horror film that's on par with the most terrifying parts of Hereditary," one Twitter user wrote.

Another added: "IMPETIGORE is a gorgeous, truly terrifying film."

A third said: "My dad started watching an Indonesian horror film called Impetigore that got me hooked from the start so I couldn’t sleep it off. It’s awesome and I highly recommend it! no regrets!!"

And a fourth commented: "Turned out I couldn’t sleep after that -surprise!"

Impetigore is available to stream on Shudder.

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