Thanksgiving Is Coming: What Are You Grateful for This TV Season?

The concept of time has essentially lost all meaning in 2020 — isn’t it still March, somehow? — but according to the calendar, Thanksgiving is just days away.

Every November at TVLine, we ask you to send us the year’s TV-related goodies for which you’re most grateful. And though this year was a particularly strange one for the television industry, we still want to know about the small-screen events that made you smile, especially during these anxiety-inducing months.

Here’s how to submit: With the subject line “Thankful,” send an email to [email protected] (or use our Contact Us page) to share your 2020 gratitude. Loved a certain actor’s performance this year? Celebrated a renewal you weren’t sure would happen? Applauded a daring storyline? Whatever brought you some joy this year, we want to know about it.

Be sure to get your submissions in by Friday, Nov. 20, at which point we’ll round up some of our favorites in a Thanksgiving gallery later this month. (Team TVLine will be sharing its gratitude, too.)

We’ve turned off comments on this post, so once again: Email us at [email protected], or use our Contact Us page, to tell us the TV developments for which you’re thankful this year. We look forward to reading your submissions!

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