The acclaimed show you never realized Dove Cameron was on

It’s always interesting to find out where actors and actresses got their first taste of stardom. Disney darling Dove Cameron got her big break on an award-winning show that many of her young fans probably wouldn’t be allowed to watch. Before the blonde beauty was Mal from the Descendants franchise and both Liv and Maddie from her hit Disney show, Cameron was hanging out on the South side of Chicago with the Gallaghers.

That’s right, Cameron used to walk the set of Shameless before she became America’s sweetheart. Although her run on the show was short lived, her performance as promiscuous teen Holly Herkimer was definitely memorable. While Shameless isn’t exactly PG-13, her acting debut definitely garnered some attention. Just one year after her role on the Showtime series, she scored her gig on Liv and Maddie.

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Dove Cameron's role on 'Shameless' got people talking

Playing the role of a midriff-baring teen might not be Disney’s brand, per se, but Dove Cameron’s work helped executives see her true potential. She appeared on two episodes during season 2 of Shameless, and since her character had a thing for Lip Gallagher, she worked alongside the talented Jeremy Allen White.

Her performance helped prove her acting chops and showed that she “could play serious roles,” TV Over Mind noted in 2018. “Something that would have helped when she would have been required to play not just an actress who is adjusting to normal life after filming for four years in Hollywood but also her twin sister who stayed behind,” the website added, referring to her two parts on Liv and Maddie.

Although Cameron’s career has skyrocketed since her time on Shameless, she admitted stardom comes with a price. In 2018 the actress opened up about the possibility of taking time off after a fan asked if she’s ever considered taking a break or stepping back for good. “All the time. I love what I do, but the celebrity culture overwhelms me and confuses me on a base level,” she replied at the time. “Makes me sad, too.”

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