The Action Picks up and Ahsoka Unknowingly Runs Into a Familiar Face in 'the Clone Wars' Episode 7 — Review

The Clone Wars’ final season has garnered a lot of positive reviews, including Showbiz Cheat Sheet’s. However, there are some that found the last couple of episodes lacking. Whether it’s in the action department or Ahsoka’s story, it’s semi-understandable. But if you’re in that lot, Episode 7, “Dangerous Debt,” will definitely make you happy. It revs up the action and Ahsoka’s story. Plus the future Siege of Mandalore arc is finding its footing with this episode. It’s becoming more clear how these past two episodes, and now this one, leads to the end. 

Ahsoka finally finds out that Rafa and Trace’s hate for the Jedi is personal 

Last episode we left off with Ahsoka, Rafa, and Trace captured by the Pykes on Oba Diah, their planet. Now, Ahsoka and the Martez sisters are in a jail cell, and it’s very much a blame game. Who’s most at fault for getting them in this mess? Rafa thinks it’s Ahsoka, for just being there when the trouble started. 

However, this moment in the cell gives the audience, and Ahsoka, insight into why the Martez sisters actually hate the Jedi. It’s more than just disdain for a group they saw with too much power. Their parents were actually killed because of Jedi chasing Jabba the Hut’s uncle Ziro on Coruscant. This most likely lines up with the finale of Season 1 of The Clone Wars, with the red-eyed alien being Cad Bane and the green-skinned Jedi being Luminara (probably), however, that chase isn’t shown on-screen. 

But, what does hit home is how the Jedi treated this loss of life. Luminara, or whoever the green Jedi was, came to the sisters and told them, “I had to make a choice. But not to worry; the Force will be with you.” And left. It shows the Jedi’s outlook; their disregard for civilians in the grand scheme of getting the bad guy. 

It also shows how flawed their detachment from emotions makes them. It lines up perfectly with how Ahsoka’s framing was dealt with in Season 5. All the masters, except for a few like Anakin and Obi-Wan, said Ahsoka should be grateful for what happened. Mace Windu even said, “This was your great test.” Totally glossing over the fact that they turned their backs on her in her greatest need for them and banned her when they had little evidence. 

Ahsoka and the sisters make a run for it and catch the eye of Bo-Katan

Luckily, Trace is a little more capable this episode — she seems to be a fast learner under pressure — and she’s able to escape the guards before being tortured. This allows Ahsoka and Rafa to also get out, thanks to Ahsoka’s Force abilities. 

In fact, this is the most action we’ve seen from Ahsoka thus far. She’s getting way more comfortable using her Jedi powers outside the realm of being a Jedi. She’s being careful because she still doesn’t want to give away her true identity. But odds are Rafa and Trace will learn of her Jedi past next episode, since it’s the last one in this arc. 

Also, the Mandalorian Ahsoka runs past when trying to escape is Bo-Katan. She used to be a part of Death Watch, a radical group of pro-violence Mandalorians. They split off from the main sect of their planet, governed by Duchess Satine Kryze, who chose passivism and stayed neutral in the Clone Wars. However, they were taken over by Maul and his brother, along with several crime lords including the Pykes. This group now governs Mandalore.

Bo-Katan recognizes Ahsoka from when Lux Bonteri took Ahsoka to Carlac in Season 4. That’s always a good arc to go back to if only to see Ahsoka decapitate four Mandalorians in one move. Iconic, doesn’t even begin to cover it. 

Bo-Katan is with three others, also defectors. They are on a “mission,” and one of her companions thinks Ahsoka could compromise them. Without spoiling anything, it seems like Bo-Katan’s main objective would be to take Mandalore back from Maul, leading to the Siege of Mandalore. She states that Ahsoka “could be of use” to them, which foreshadows how Ahsoka gets involved and how she also gets the Republic on their side too. 

Ahsoka is getting used to fighting again, which will come in handy moving forward

Outside of her Force powers, her Jedi training also comes in handy. We know she knows how to fight, and finally seeing Ahsoka let loose is such a good feeling. She uses it to her advantage, and not just physically. All those years as a commander in the war helps her in tough situations like this. Even if they do end up back in a cell at the end of the episode. 

The title card this episode read, “Who you were does not have to define who you are.” Ahsoka is learning more about how the Jedi functioned outside the eyes of the Order. Ahsoka was always doing her best to be the best Padawan and Jedi she could be. She took the Code seriously and treated her lessons with respect. But now the rose-colored glass with which she viewed the Order is shattering.

However, this doesn’ mean she has to shatter with it. She was a Jedi, but being a Jedi doesn’t define her anymore, as the line said. It’s exciting to see where she will be by the end of the season.

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