'The Bachelor': Demi Burnett Said Production Edited Her to Make Her Look Like a 'Virginity Hunter'

We’ve been keeping up with Demi Burnett ever since she got her start on The Bachelor. Her firecracker personality put her at odds with some of the other women in the house, but she certainly made great TV. And she went on to attain even more fame for her time on Bachelor in Paradise and her cameo in Peter Weber’s Bachelorette season.

Now, Burnett’s speaking out about her time on Underwood’s season. And she explained that production made her look like a “virginity hunter” with their edits. Here’s what she said.

Demi Burnett became a fan favorite after filming ‘The Bachelor’

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Burnett didn’t get along with everyone on The Bachelor, but she certainly made good TV. While she hoped to win Underwood’s heart, Underwood let her go mid-season. Burnett then made her comeback on Bachelor in Paradise with her relationship with Kristian Haggerty, though fans know that relationship didn’t last. And while Burnett then fell head-over-heels for Slater Davis, their relationship ended during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic as well.

While fans have made it clear they adore Burnett, she didn’t think that’d be the initial response to her personality. “It was really shocking. I didn’t think that everybody would love me,” Burnett told E! News. “Once I got done filming, I was like, I might be hated after this. But getting all the support, I mean, I love it. I love all my fans and stuff. It’s insane that there are even fans of me. … There’s maybe one hater for every 50 lovers.”

Colton Underwood was known for his status as a virgin on the show

While we’re thankful Burnett got to take part in The Bachelor and get her personality on the small screen, we can’t forget that Underwood was quite a unique bachelor himself. He first told the world he was a virgin on Becca Kufrin’s Bachelorette season.

“I had no plans to share that I was a virgin,” he explained to People. “It was something in the moment with Becca. It was important for her to know. I didn’t think it was going to be a big deal but obviously, a lot of people latched onto that.”

Prior to telling Kufrin about his virgin status, he told the guys in the house, too. And while he told them this in confidence, Underwood’s virgin status spread through the house like wildfire.

“Apparently they interpreted my ‘please don’t tell anyone’ as code for ‘tell everyone,’ and word traveled through the house like a rumor at a slumber party of 12-year-old girls that someone had gone to first base,” he wrote in his book, The First Time, Us Weekly reports.

Burnett said she was edited to look like a ‘virginity hunter’

Quite a few of the women participating in Underwood’s Bachelor season made jokes about his virginity. And Burnett said she was edited to make it look like she was a “virginity hunter” and hoped to be his first. In reality, though, she told the Chicks in the Office podcast that this wasn’t the case. And she further talked about the bad editing that happens on the show.

“The biggest one that I ever had was the night that I left Colton’s season,” Burnett explained to the podcast regarding editing blunders. “The night that he gave me the boot. And he, like, FrankenBit an entire sentence of me saying, ‘After tonight, Colton won’t be the virgin anymore.’ I was like, who in editing did this? Because they deserve a raise honestly for finding all these words and all these clips and putting them together.”

Burnett then noted she was upset by that over-edited piece. “I was upset because I was like, that moment was whenever I finally was actually being really vulnerable. And like, I did have feelings for this person,” Burnett added. “And I was very emotional and I never was going in there to take his virginity. … I was like, wow, ya’ll just really made me out to be this ‘virginity hunter’ or something. It was not cool.”

We love hearing Burnett’s hot takes of the show, and we’re anxious to hear her thoughts on the future of The Bachelorette as Tayshia Adams steps up to the plate.

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