‘The Bachelorette’ Recap: Clare Crawley Has Shouting Match With One of the Men

In a new episode of the long-running ABC show, Clare also disappoints the other men by having an intimate moment with Chris Dale while the other guys are waiting for her during a group date.

AceShowbiz -“The Bachelorette” returned with a new episode on Tuesday, October 27 which saw Clare Crawley continuing her “journey to find everlasting love from careening off the rails.” However, it didn’t go without issues as Yosey kicked off the episode by confronting Clare over the “classless” dodgeball date, where some men went naked, in the last episode.

He told Clare that he sacrificed a lot to be on the show by going away from his daughter and family, adding that he was, in fact, ashamed to be associated with her. That unsurprisingly didn’t sit well with Clare and the two started to have a shouting match. Yosef then yelled across the yard, “She’s all yours, boys,” before getting in a car and leaving.

That left Clare completely shaken and host Chris Harrison tried to make her calm down. After taking a moment to get herself together, Clare finally returned for the Rose Ceremony. She gave the first rose to Chris Dale with other recipients being Zac C., Demar, Brendan, Jordan, Joe, Jay, Bennett, Eazy, Ben, Ed, Ivan, Kenny and Zach J.

The next morning, Chris H. revealed to the men that everyone would have dates this week as the first date card was a group date with Chasen, Jason, Jay, Riley, Eazy, Ed, Blake and Dale. Prior to that, former Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas came to visit Clare, who told her everything including Yosef drama and how Dale comforted her with a hug.

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Meanwhile, the men were all excited for a date with Claire as they wanted to cheer her up following a rough night with Yosef. After waiting for hours, Clare finally arrived but it was already dark outside. Clare revealed they originally had a day date planned, but because it was already late, she decided to have a longer cocktail party instead. Eazy was a little bit disappointed but everyone did have a good time.

Later, Dale asked other men if it was okay for him to speak with Clare for five minutes and they reluctantly said yes. However, they were gone for an hour, prompting Eazy to wander off to find what they were doing which made them take this long. He then overheard them making out in her house, which made everyone angry. Seemingly not aware of the tension, Clare gave the group date rose to Dale and praised him for “stepping up and being bold.”

Zach J. got a solo date with Clare at the resort’s spa. Meanwhile, the other men suspected that Clare and Dale actually contacted each other before filming. Back on the date, things went well between Zach and Clare until they kissed. Zach got kind of aggressive by grabbing her which freaked Clare out.

It was time for a roast time which saw almost everyone taking jabs at Dale. It turned uncomfortable at some point and Clare confronted some guys over their roast jokes at the cocktail party. She appeared to try to get them tell her what Dale had been saying about her though the guys kept the conversations focused on themselves.

Saying that she didn’t get what she needed from them, Clare decided not to give the rose to anyone.

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