'The Bold and the Beautiful': A Star of Hulu's 'Love, Victor' Played a Legacy Character on the Soap Opera

If you’ve been watching Love, Victor on Hulu and you’re a fan of soap operas, you’ve probably recognized one character from daytime. Anthony Turpel, one of the lead actors on the show, first got his start on The Bold and the Beautiful. Recently, he spoke about the differences between shooting these vastly different types of shows.

Who did Anthony Turpel play on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

On The Bold and the Beautiful, Turpel was the first actor to play an aged version of RJ Forrester. RJ has been previously portrayed by Ridge Perkett from 2007 to 200, Jack Horan in 2011, and Mace Coronel from 2013 to 2014. RJ is the son of longtime characters Brooke Logan and Ridge Forrester. He is the only child that the couple, one of the most popular and stories pairing in soap opera history, have together. Turpel was in the role for about two years before leaving the show. In 2017, He was nominated at the Daytime Emmys Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series for his work on the show.

When RJ was conceived, it was unknown if his father was Ridge or his uncle, Nick Marone. When Turpel entered the role, the character was rapidly aged to 16-years-old and RJ returned from boarding school. Most of his storyline revolved around him wanting his parents to get back together. RJ encourages his father to try to get back with his mother. By doing so, he tries to sabotage Brooke’s relationship with Bill Spencer, who she was engaged to at the time. Brooke ends up calling off the engagement at one point, but he and Bill end up getting married and RJ comes to terms with it.

RJ also dated and had a romance with Coco Spectra, the sister of Sally Spectra II and the great niece of Sally Spectra I. Since then, both characters are no longer on the canvas.

His ‘Love, Victor’ character, Felix, is a fan-favorite character

On Love, Victor, Turpel plays Felix Weston, the new neighbor and best friend to the lead character, Victor Salazar. Due to the character’s charming personality and overall likability when compared to the other characters, Felix is definitely the standout fan-favorite of the show.

In an interview with Pop Culturalist, Turpel talked about what he learned on The Bold and the Beautiful that he brought with him to Love, Victor.

The Bold and the Beautiful is a very different type of show,” he said. “It’s probably some of the hardest type of TV I’ve ever experienced. We were doing two episodes a day. That’s a hundred and twenty pages, so you have to learn really fast. It was such a well-oiled machine. It’s been on for like thirty years. So you’re with these guys that have been working on this show for thirty years. They’ve got it down pat. You’re coming in as a newcomer, and that’s so intimidating. I really had to learn scripts fast and how they did things. You learn the idea, and it goes from there. Those are some of the hardest-working people I’ve ever met. It was a joy to work with them.”

Love, Victor is streaming on Hulu now and The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. It is now airing new episodes after being on an extended hiatus due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic suspending production.

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