The Chase: ‘I want to go home’ Paul Sinha devastated as he makes game-changing error

Paul, 49, was on hand to challenge today’s bunch of The Chase contestants as The Sinnerman hoped to defeat all four of them and steal away the jackpot prize. With Bradley Walsh, 59, overseeing proceedings on the ITV quiz show, it seemed just like any other episode of the hit general knowledge programme. However, as the minutes ticked by, it was clear the Chaser wasn’t on his best form and he was crushed when he made a huge error with one question, changing his mind at the very last second.


Hoping to beat Paul today were contestants Andrew, Karen, Ishan and Marie, all believing they had the knowledge to walk away with the cash.

After the first two played their cards against the Chaser, it was up to law lecturer Ishan to see if he could make it to the Final Chase.

During his cash-builder round, the former barrister clocked up a sum of £6,000 and decided to stick with the amount when offered a higher and lower total.

The game was tight as The Sinnerman was behind his opponent the whole time, but it was one of the later questions in the head-to-head round which threw the quizmaster off-piste.


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With no room for error on Ishan’s side, Bradley asked him and the Chaser: “In the sitcom ‘George and Mildred’ what was the name of Mildred’s brother-in-law?”

The answers the pair had to choose from included Humphrey Pumphrey, Richard Pritchard and William Gilliam.

Former barrister Ishan went with option B and soon discovered he could be in trouble when the answer was revealed as option A.

His only hope was Paul had also made the same mistake and after a tense few seconds, the screen lit up to show he had.

I changed my mind at the last moment

Paul Sinha

However, it could have been a very different outcome as The Sinnerman star explained his thought process before locking in his answer.

“I’m gutted because I knew I’d heard Humphrey Pumphrey from somewhere but decided it couldn’t have been a character of George and Mildred.

“I changed my mind at the last moment,” he added, before saying the actual answer to the question was “something more sensible.”

After the pair were given another question to decide Ishan’s fate, it was the contestant who came up trumps as he sealed his fate in the Final Chase.

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On losing a second head-to-head round in the space of minutes, the Chaser declared: “I want to go home.”

Paul’s efforts continued to fall flat as the episode continued, with Marie going on to join Karen and the former barrister in the closing round.

With a jackpot of £13,000 to play for, the trio were hoping they could knock the quizmaster from his post once more.

Having accumulated 20 steps between their cash and Paul, the finalists seemed optimistic they were going to walk away winners.


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Unfortunately for them, The Sinnerman was on his A-game by the Final Chase and managed to defeat them with seconds to spare.

Praising his opponents, the Chaser commented if NFL fan Andrew had completed the line-up and beat him in the head-to-head round, they could’ve toppled him completely.

Taking to Twitter, fans reacted to the devastating loss, with one writing: “#TheChase frankly it will be a close finish tonight. Very unlucky team tonight.”

Another posted on the social media platform: “Hard luck team #thechase well played Paul. Night night.”

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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