The Deceived start date, cast, trailer, plot: When does The Deceived start?

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The Deceived is a modern thriller which was written by Derry Girls creator Lisa McGee and Tobias Beer. The Channel 5 four-part drama, filmed in Northern Ireland and Cambridge, is about an English student who falls in love with her married lecturer. has everything you need to know about the release date, cast, trailer, plot and more.

When does The Deceived start?

Channel 5 has just announced the news of the new series, which is due to land in August 2020.

An exact date has not yet been given, but will update this story when a day comes to light.

The series is produced by New Pictures, the production team behind Catherine the Great.

New Pictures Executive Producer, Charlie Hampton, said: “We wanted to make a show that nods to classic thrillers but also make something really modern that speaks to a contemporary audience.

“The Deceived is a psychological relationship thriller that will have the audience questioning everything and will hopefully leave them wanting more.”


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Who is in the cast of The Deceived?

Gangs of London and Peaky Blinders star, Emmett J Scanlan, will play the attractive English lecturer, Dr Michael Callaghan.

Catherine Walker will play his wife Roisin, a successful writer who knows nothing of her husband’s affair.

Emily Reid, who most recently starred in the ITV hit Belgravia, plays Engish student Ophelia who falls in love with Dr Callaghan.

Roisin’s mother Mary and Michael’s father Hugh are played by Eleanor Methven and Ian McElhinney.

Both Roisin and Michael have their own confidante’s – Ruth and Matthew, played by Shelley Conn and Dempsey Bovell.

Ophelia’s confidante is a builder called Sean McKeough, played by Paul Mescal – the star of Normal People.

Is there a trailer for The Deceived?

Lisa McGee posted a trailer for the new series on her Twitter account, which shows Ophelia and Michael admitting their love for each other. 

Following Roisin’s death, Ophelia says she is pregnant and the baby is believed to be Michael’s. 

But Ophelia is convinced Roisin is still alive after she saw her at his house, and she receives mysterious phonecalls from her. 

Speaking of the new series actress Reid said: “When we first meet Ophelia she is a student at Cambridge.

“She soon falls madly in love and that love takes her to a very scary place psychologically and soon the world she inhabits starts to become very dangerous.

“Everything is a bit uncanny, you can never quite pinpoint what is wrong but there is constantly something that is not quite right. Eventually you find out what that is.”

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What happens in The Deceived?

At the start of the series Ophelia strikes up a relationship with her English lecturer, but he mysteriously disappears.

She tracks him to his home in Ireland where she finds his wife has died in a fire- the same night Michael told her about the affair.

Ophelia feels haunted by Roisin after what happened, and she becomes obsessed with the dead wife.

Her obsession leads her to believe she is losing her mind, but something more sinister could be going on.

Beer said: “We wanted to do something that could be a ghost story, but equally could be explained without any recourse to the supernatural, which seems to me to be true of people’s experience.

“There’s always some Smart Alec with a rational explanation, but that’s not to say it’s not frightening.”


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Fans will be excited to see more of Mescal following his role in the hugely successful Normal People.

Being a Derry Girls fan, he said he was keen to be involved with McGee’s next project.

He said: “I had two days off after I wrapped filming on Normal People and then I started filming The Deceived.

“This is my second ever TV role. As for whether I was nervous…? Totally.

“I don’t have enough experience to feel completely comfortable stepping onto set but everybody was so welcoming and kind on this show.”

The Deceived airs on Channel 5 in August 2020

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