The Fall Netflix: How many series are there of The Fall?

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The Fall originally aired on BBC One in the UK, ending in October 2016. The show has made a huge comeback after it premiered on Netflix worldwide over the summer. New fans of the show are curious to know how many series there are in total. has everything you need to know.

How many series are there of The Fall?

There is good news for fans who are looking to watch The Fall on Netflix.

The critically acclaimed series has more than one series, so there is plenty for fans of The Fall to binge-watch.

In total, there are three seasons of The Fall and all three outings are available to stream and download on Netflix now.

To watch The Fall, you can subscribe to Netflix from £5.99/£6.99 per month.

Netflix also has a download option, which means you can watch episodes of The Fall via the Netflix app on the go.

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Season one of the fall premiered in 2013 with seasons two and three followed in 2014 and 2016 respectively.

Sadly, season three of The Fall was the last ever series, going out on a six-episode high between September and October 2016.

An exact reason as to why The Fall would not continue after the third series was never given by the BBC.

In a statement at the time, it was implied the story of The Fall had naturally come to an end.

BBC’s Kim Shillinglaw said: “[Creator] Allan [Cubitt] has known the end game from the beginning.

“The cat and mouse game between Gillian and Jamie has one last act to play out. Who will win?”

Ever since The Fall ended and since it arrived on Netflix more than four years later, fans have been demanding more.

One fan recently tweeted: “so the fall season 4 when?

A second fan wrote: “#TheFallNetflix has been the best thing on @netflix in ages since I watched. #power @Power_STARZ. I may even watch the fall again the chemistry between the main characters was spot on wish there could have been a season 4.”

A third fan tweeted: “I just watched the whole 3 EPIC seasons of The Fall on
@NetflixUK and right throughout I was wondering where Have I seen @GillianA ? I come on twitter, find her twitter and see she’s the sex therapist from sex Ed! How did I forget! #thefall needs a season 4! #bbc #netflix.”

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WARNING: This article contains spoilers about The Fall on Netflix

Will there be another series of The Fall?

At the moment, there has been no official announcement regarding the return of The Fall.

The Fall creator Allan Cubitt has hinted in the past about his plans for the show to return.

Speaking too Digital Spy in 2016, Cubitt said: “I do have some thoughts, but I’m quite keen on doing other things as well, so it’s not going to be straight away.”

The Fall star Gillian Anderson, who played Stella Gibson in the series, told the BBC she is also keen to return to the show in “a few years.”

She said: “I think that Allan has been working on this for about five or six-year and he might need a bit of a break.

“I like the idea of maybe revisiting it in a few years.”

Sadly, if The Fall does return, it is very unlikely Jamie Dornan will feature in the series as killer Paul Spector.

In The Fall finale, his character took his own life.

Cubitt explained: “I don’t think I’m giving much away in saying it’s Jamie’s last season.

“But that’s not to say that we wouldn’t do more of The Fall.”

The Fall is streaming on Netflix now

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