The Family Chantel: Why Pedro thinks Royal’s relationship is ‘weird’

The Family Chantel has entertained viewers with seasons’ worth of drama. Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno became the stars of the spin-off series after first sharing their love story on Season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé. Chantel shocked her family when they learned that Pedro really arrived in the U.S. from his native Dominican Republic to marry her, despite initially being told he was just visiting on a student visa. Once the truth was known, Pedro was hit with accusations by Chantel’s parents about his intentions with their daughter. The drama between their feuding families was so thick, it spawned the first official 90 Day Fiancé spin-off.

In Season 2 of their show, fans are introduced to more of Chantel and Pedro’s family members, including her older brother Royal. He was not featured in Season 1 of the show because he was living in Texas finishing school, Entertainment Tonight reported. After returning to his family in Atlanta, Royal brings his new wife Angenette along with him. Just like his sister had done a few years before, Royal and Angenette married while she was on a K-1 visa from the Philippines. But, despite the similarities in their love story, Pedro thinks Royal and Angenette have a “weird” marital status.

Pedro is convinced Royal and his wife 'tried to cover something' up

While speaking to EURWeb in November 2020, Pedro Jimeno explained how much more non-traditional Royal and Angenette’s Family Chantel storyline is compared to his and Chantel Everett’s start on 90 Day Fiancé. “My brother-in-law Royal, we went to the Philippines for his second wedding,” Pedro revealed. “There was a lot going on between the Family Chantel and Angenette. They tried to cover something over there. They didn’t want anyone to know how they really met.” While Royal hasn’t said much on how he met his wife, his family believes Angenette is just using him for a green card. 

Pedro expressed skepticism of Royal’s marriage by comparing it to his own. “It’s so different from me and Chantel,” he told the outlet. “They have known each other for only one year and then they get married. Me and Chantel took our time. We took almost two years. He decided to marry her after the first trip. It’s kind of weird.” After all the stress Chantel’s family put him through, Pedro shared his disappointment with how light-hearted they’re being with Royal.

“The family tried to look at this as normal, because when I married Chantel, they judged me. So they see this thing, and now they are OK in the beginning,” Pedro said. “I came in with an open hand. Chantel and I, we took our time.” In other words, he’s convinced his extra year on Royal and Angenette is what makes them “weird.”

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