'The Flash': Move Over Barry and Iris, Fans Want More of Ralph and Sue

From the very beginning of The Flash, fans were rooting for romance to bloom between Barry and Iris. Well, now that the honeymoon for the West-Allens is over, fans are swooning over a new budding relationship — Ralph and Sue. Here’s what fans are saying about the new pair.

Fans don’t feel the love between Barry and Iris anymore

Fans have been irked by the lack of connection between Barry and Iris in The Flash Season 6. The season began with the couple still reeling from the loss of their daughter, Nora. Mid-season brought Crisis on Infinite Earths, which resulted in even more grief after the destruction of the multiverse.

So far, Iris has spent the back half of the season trapped in the Mirrorverse while a replica roams free and wreaks havoc. And her husband doesn’t have a clue – which could be a red flag about the overall state of their marriage.

With all of the drama swirling, it seems as if the duo has shared less screen time than ever and with negligible affection. Fans are beginning to wonder how the chemistry fizzled, and some have speculated about whether the actors who play the couple could be feuding.

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On the other hand, it looks like a new relationship between Ralph and newcomer, Sue, is percolating. Now, The Flash fans are shipping them, and true to form, are tweeting all about it.

A boy-meets-girl jewel heist

In season 6 episode 12, “A Girl Named Sue,” private detectiveand ultra-bendy superhero, Ralph, gets a lead on Sue Dearbon, a socialite whoseparents have hired him to find. When Ralph comes face to face with the missingwoman, the investigation hits a snag because she doesn’t want to return home.

It turns out that Sue is a skilled thief on the hunt for abig payday in the form of a precious stone. So, Ralph, as his alter egoElongated Man, attempts to foil her plan. Unfortunately, things get hairy whena few goons show up, and to make a long story short, Sue slips out of Ralph’sgrasp.

Perhaps even more significant than the story points is theinstant chemistry that ignites between Ralph and Sue. Although they appeared tobe on opposite sides of the law in “A Girl Named Sue,” fans sensed an instantconnection.

‘The Flash’ fans are shipping Ralph and Sue

After her escape, Ralph remained in hot pursuit of Sue in thesubsequent episodes, and with Cisco as his wingman, he finally caught up to herin season 6 episode 16, “So Long and Goodnight.”

It was a satisfying on-screen reunion for both the characters and the fans. And based on the Twitter chatter, Ralph and Sue stand head and shoulders above the other romantic pairings on The Flash.

“Only two episodes together and Ralph and Sue already are the best ship on The Flash,” tweeted one admirer.

Another fan gushed, “Ralph and Sue have a great chemistry. I need to see more of them.”

In a particularly amusing scene from “So Long and Goodnight,”Ralph and Sue were asked if they are married. Fans of The Flash comicbook series will note that the characters did indeed tie the knot eventually.

Whether or not the show will follow suit is yet to be seen, but the dialog was a wonderful nod to the source material. And viewers adored their synchronized reaction, like this fan who tweeted, “[I] love that both Ralph and Sue said ‘gross’ about being married!”

“Ralph and Sue are just ADORABLE together. ADORABLE,” tweeted a fan about the scene partners.

Fans are clearly on board the Ralph and Sue train. Will The Flash season 6 develop their relationship more, or will the story stall due to the abbreviated season? Viewers can only hope the final three episodes of season 6 will deliver some satisfying tidbits. The Flash airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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