The Handmaid’s Tale’s Luke actor talks ‘smashing through cracks in the wall of Gilead’ in season 4

THE Handmaid’s Tale’s Luke actor has talked ‘smashing through cracks in the wall of Gilead’ in season four.

O.T Fagbenle plays the husband of June Osborne in the hit Hulu series, who is currently in Canada desperately trying to get his wife out of Gilead.

Speaking about their relationship, O.T revealed: "June and Luke had such a good thing.

“That family unit was so good, you know. It wasn’t perfect, but it was great.

“Also, I think Luke carries around a certain sense of responsibility for not being able to have done more to protect her.

“So he feels responsible on some level for all that’s happened to her.”

Despite the amount of time they have been apart and the fact June has since given birth to a daughter with Nick in Gilead, O.T insists Luke hasn't lost hope of getting his family back.

He added to TVLine: "I think his hope is increasing. I think, more than ever before, there are signs of cracks in the wall of Gilead.

“And he’s ready to smash through that — if he could muster away,"

However, Elisabeth Moss – who plays June – recently hinted the couple might never have a happy ending.

Elisabeth, 38, said too much time has passed for them to pick up where they left off, and June's feelings lie with Gilead solider Nick (Max Minghella), who fathered baby Nichole.

"With June and Luke there are three versions of these characters," she told TV Line.

"There are the ones that exist in the flashbacks, there are the ones that came into Gilead and then there are the ones that exist now."

“And I think this is true of Luke as well, I think he is a different person to the one when all of this started and June is 100 per cent a different person.

“Part of the reason she and Nick love each other is that they both have been through the same war. And having not been there and him having not, how could he possibly understand what that is really like?

“And so that is what she and Nick have; they went through a war and they will always have that."

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