'The Last Kingdom': Why Fans Love Finan so Much

In the history of The Last Kingdom, there are a number of characters that fans can’t get enough of, and Finan (Mark Rowley) is definitely one of them. He became fast friends with Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) when they were slaves and they haven’t left each other’s side since. They are now more like brothers and it’s hard to imagine one without the other.

Finan is always there when Uhtred needs him

Finan becomes Uhtred’s right-hand man almost instantly. In season 4, it couldn’t be more apparent how much Uhtred needs Finan. When they attempt to take back Bebbanburg, tensions run high when Uhtred is unable to reclaim his old home. He ends up losing Father Beocca (Ian Hart) in the process, and he barely makes it out alive had it not been for Finan grabbing hold of him and getting him to see sense.

Finan is even there to speak with Young Uhtred (Finn Elliot) when he can’t seem to connect with his father. He explains that he should be proud to follow his father Uhtred. You can hear the compassion in his voice and it’s clear he admires and respects his dearest friend.

Why fans love Finan so much

Finan is loyal to the core and it’s one of the many thingsthat fans love about him. He clearly cares for his best friend Uhtred and he’swilling to die for any cause Uhtred feels is worthy of their efforts.

“I didn’t think I could like him any more than I already did, then I saw how he interacted with Uhtred and his son in episode 3 of season 4,” a Reddit user wrote. “I’m not sure I’ve seen a more beautiful friendship between two men in a television series before.”

Fans have a new appreciation for Finan after watching season 4

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In season 4, it’s even more obvious how great Finan really is. He clearly cares about Uhtred’s children and he bonds with them on numerous occasions. He wants what is best for the family that has become his own.

“All Finan scenes are just heartwarming. From giving Uthred the shoulder to cry on, to bonding with Aethelstan 😍. Papa Finan is the best,” a fan expressed.

“Finan felt like the heart and soul of this season,” saidanother fan.

Fans have an appreciation for the actor who plays Finan as well. He’s extremely talented and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by fans. “Mark Rowley is great. He deserves more good roles after the series has concluded,” a fan wrote.

Finan is an excellent uncle

One fan loves any and all scenes involving Finan, especially in season 4 when viewers get to see even more of him. He not only bonds with Uhtred, but with the people closest to him as well. He’s like an uncle that will always give you the best life advice.

“Finan is a good uncle to all of Uhtred’s children,” a Reddit user expressed.

Finan is the type of friend one fan wishes they had in theirlives. They feel they could “do anything” with Finan by their side. “If I had aFinan in my life, I would be motivated to do anything. He would definitely be alifelong buddy,” another fan said.

Fans love Finan for a variety of reasons, but the mainreason is his intense connection with Uhtred and his family. He’s become one ofthem and he’s definitely the kind of friend anyone would love to have around.

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