'The Mandalorian' Season 2 Episode 3 Recap — A New Alliance?

Minus a few frog eggs and pieces of the Razor Crest, the Mandalorian lands on a new planet with his travel companions. This one is home to a few Mandalorians and even a hooded woman. Could that be one of the Jedis he’s searching for? Here’s our summary of the latest episode of this Star Wars series.

[This article contains major spoilers from season 2, episode 3 of this Disney+ original series. Read at your own risk.]

The Mandalorian reunites his travel companion with her husband

After a pretty rocky landing, this trio makes it to their destination. The ship is simultaneously burnt and water longed, so the Mandalorian pays someone to work on it while he looks for others of his kind.

His frog companion finds her husband and he leads the Mandalorian to a bar. However, there’s a woman with a black hood watching this reunion. At the bar, the Mandalorian meets someone who says by going on his ship he’ll take the Bounty Hunter and the Child to other Mandalorians.

When they get on the ship, though, this crew has to feed a sea creature. He tells the Mandalorian to watch and put the Child by the edge and then, just as the monster emerges, he shoves the Child’s pod into the water. 

The Mandalorian dives in after him but he can’t get back onto the ship because the crew keeps shoving him down. He’s waterlogged and the Child appears to be eaten, but then, three Mandalorians land on the ship, kill the crew, save our Bounty Hunter, and bring the Child back.

There are three more Mandalorians on this planet

The Mandalorian starts to thanks these new allies but then they take their helmets off. That means they’re not real Mandalorian, he starts to say. Then, back at the bar, one of these fighters explains that she’s the last in her line and she’s not really interested in preserving history. 

She is, however, interested in stopping an Empire’s ship filled with weapons from leaving this planet. If the Mandalorian helps gets the cargo from this ship, she’ll lead him to a Jedi that she knows. Our protagonist agrees, leaving the Child with his frog friends for the time being. 

The Mandalorians break onto the Empire’s ship

With the element of surprise, these bounty hunters get onto the ship. They get passed a few stormtroopers and they make it to the cargo bay, but then, the Mandalorian ally says that she needs to get the brig and take over the ship. No way, our Mandalorian says. That wasn’t part of the deal, they can’t just change it. 

She needs some information from the captain, she explains. This is the way. Or rather, this is the only way he’s going to find out about the Jedi she knows. The Mandalorian helps out and they take the brig. 

The Mandalorian asks the captain where the black saber is. You know, the one Moff Gideon had in the last season. He isn’t really much help, but with their own ship, these three Mandalorians can go into space and look for it more. 

Before our protagonist leaves, his new ally gives him the name and location of the Jedi she knows. It’s Ahsoka Tano. The Mandalorian picks up the child and, with a new destination, the two head back off into space. New episodes of The Mandalorian premiere on Disney+ on a weekly basis. 

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