The One: Hannah Ware admits ‘compassion’ for Rebecca: ‘Not an outright villain’

The One: Netflix release trailer for new drama

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Netflix released its latest binge-worthy series, The One, last week, and subscribers already can’t get enough of the unpredictable crime drama. Series star Hannah Ware has spoken exclusively to about her take on the secretive CEO Rebecca Webb, and her thoughts might change how fans feel about the shady corporate villain.

Hannah Ware has opened up about her portrayal of The One’s elusive antagonist, Rebecca Webb.

As the idealistic CEO of The One, Rebecca starts the series having found international success with her DNA matchmaking app.

However, an investigation led by detective Kate Saunders (played by Zoë Tapper) reveals the true love obsessed businesswoman is covering up some potentially earth-shattering secrets.

The two women finally face off at the end of the series, setting up another explosive confrontation if The One returns for a second season.

Until then, Hannah Ware has shared her thoughts on Rebecca’s dubious actions throughout the Netflix drama’s gripping debut.

She told “In terms of Rebecca, it was a great character to play, because I really just looked at women who came from a place of such ideological certainty, they go to such extreme measures to prove their product or prove that they were right.

“So I was sort of interested in people like Margaret Thatcher and Elizabeth Holmes, people like that.

“It’s a sort of fascinating type of person, who has such drive and commitment to an ideology.”

Although Kate comes close to exposing Rebecca’s crimes, her new matchmaking service claims to have a 100 percent success rate and continues to attract new users worldwide.

The One’s determined CEO remains true to her ideologies at every turn, and her well-intentioned crusade may even earn begrudging respect from some viewers.

Detailing her personal thoughts on the motives behind some of Rebecca’s questionable decisions, Ware maintained she still empathised with the show’s complex antagonist.

She explained: “Personally, I don’t think an actor can play a character without humanising them in some aspect, and having some understanding and compassion for the character.”

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“So it’s very hard to see her as an outright villain. It’s quite grey, I feel, with Rebecca.”

Almost every episode of Netflix’s highly watchable new thriller contains a jaw-dropping twist, and viewers have slowly pieced together Rebecca’s bloodstained path to success.

On the other hand, the series’ multi-layered antagonist has garnered some sympathy with her secretive romance with her true match, Matheus Silva (Albano Jerónimo).

With the series hoped to continue after The One’s eye-opening reveal in the season finale, could Rebecca eventually achieve redemption?

Hannah Ware speculated: “I think there are flashes of her clearly feeling and having desires and emotions we can all empathise with.

“But, of course, her actions are rather ruthless and brutal. I guess it depends on your definition of villain.”

The One is currently Netflix’s most popular series in the UK, so fans are keeping their fingers crossed that all their burning questions will be answered in a second season.

The One is available to stream on Netflix.

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