‘The Pioneer Woman’: Ree Drummond Cried After an Emotional Moment During Alex’s Wedding Weekend

The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond recently attended her eldest daughter’s (Alex Drummond) wedding. The Food Network star says it was a “meaningful, memorable night.” Before the ceremony, she reveals there was a very emotional moment that made her cry. Drummond shared the heartfelt moment with her readers.

Ree Drummond credits her mother-of-the-bride dress to ‘RHONY’

Drummond wore a gorgeous dress to Alex Drummond’s wedding. She wanted to look her best for her daughter’s ceremony. On her website, Drummond jokes Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York is responsible for her mother-of-the-bride dress, which was designed by Jovani.

Drummond says the Jovani brand was mentioned during a Real Housewives episode. On the show, Dorinda’s ex-boyfriend told her how well Jovani fits women’s bodies. He knew about clothing because he used to run a luxury dry cleaning business in New York, according to Drummond.

She says there was a tense moment during the show where both Dorinda and Luann were wearing Jovani at an event, and Dorinda made a scene, repeatedly yelling “Jovani!” She didn’t like the fact that they were both wearing the same designer.

Drummond says after that “iconic” scene, she wanted to find a Jovani dress for herself. “I googled ‘Jovani’ and decided at that moment that I was going to do everything I could to wear the brand at Alex’s wedding, because the Real Housewives are my imaginary best friends and I wanted them to come to the wedding with me,” joked Drummond.

The Pioneer Woman ramped up her diet and exercise program before the wedding

Drummond told her readers she wanted to look her best in her new dress, so she got serious about her exercise program and starting to cut back on what she was eating. She expressed a desire to “slim down” before the wedding. The Accidental Country Girl prefers to listen to true crime podcasts while she uses her rowing machine. She also likes to stay in shape by doing Pilates and walking her dogs.

At one point, Drummond was “too frightened” to try on her dress because she thought there was a chance it wouldn’t fit. However, she said she would eventually try the outfit on.

Ree Drummond cried after an emotional moment during Alex’s wedding weekend

The tears were flowing during Alex’s wedding weekend. Drummond says Ladd’s brother, Tim, was the first person to make her cry before the ceremony. He gave a heartfelt speech about Alex (his niece) that left Drummond weepy. She took to Instagram so she could share that emotional moment with her fans:

The first person to make me cry during the wedding weekend was my brother-in-law Tim, who toasted his first niece Alex at the rehearsal dinner with a moving speech he almost couldn’t finish. He talked about his and Ladd’s mom, Nan, and he told Mauricio (with a cracking voice) to be good to Alex. Here you can see me trying to physically press my forming tears back inside my tear ducts and to will my nose to stop stinging. It didn’t work.

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