The Powerpuff Girls being given gritty live-action reboot

The Powerpuff Girls is about to get a live-action reboot – with a grittier, darker edge. 

The beloved Cartoon Network series, which originally launched in 1998, is being developed on The CW in the US, home of Supernatural and Riverdale. 

However – this definitely won’t be the light-hearted and colourful cartoon we’re used to them being, as it’s been given a gritty overhaul. 

It will see Blossom, Buttercup and Bubble as twenty-somethings trying to navigate their way through life with their superpowers. 

According to Variety, it will take a dark twist with the trio unhappy that they lost their childhood by being trained to become crime-fighters, rather than just being kids. 

Looks like sugar, spice and everything nice has run a bit thin over the years. 

No news yet on Professor Utonium, who made them that way using his mysterious Chemical X, or where he is these days. 

Juno creator Diablo Cody will be writing and executive producing the show alongside Heather Reigner. 

While this definitely doesn’t sound quite like what we had in mind for the threesome, The CW has become known for launching gritty superhero series, including Batwoman, The Flash, and Arrow. 

With Diablo Cody, also known for teen horror cult fave Jennifer’s Body, taking control of what happens, we know it’s going to be a whole new take on the world. 

The Powerpuff Girls is yet to be given a release date by The CW. 

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