The Real Reason Bret Michaels Never Got Married

When you have your own dating show on VH1, it’s safe to assume that people will be wondering about your personal life. That sentiment is definitely true for Bret Michaels, whose reality dating show Rock of Love ran for three seasons between 2007 and 2009. 

Many people are familiar with Michaels thanks to his rock-and-roll status as guitarist and singer for the band Poison. The rock group rose to fame in the ’80s and ’90s thanks to hits like “Nothin’ But a Good Time” and “Every Rose Has Its Thorn,” though the group is still together and even planning on touring in 2021. Michaels has also worked on solo music over the years, though he’s best known for his role in Poison’s success.

Of course, many people also know Michaels thanks to his stint on Rock of Love. Much like other dating shows at the time like Flavor of Love or A Shot at Love with Tila TequilaRock of Love followed Michaels on his journey for love. Unfortunately for the musician, he never did find his one true love — though you can’t say he hasn’t tried. So, why hasn’t the rocker ever gotten married? Keep reading to learn more details.

Bret Michaels couldn't find true love on 'Rock of Love'

Despite his best efforts and three seasons of a reality dating show, Bret Michaels was never able to find his true Rock of Love. As season 1 wrapped up in 2007, we watched Bret choose Jes Rickleff, a young, pink-haired makeup artist to receive the final pass. Unfortunately, it seems that their romance didn’t last long — if at all. In October 2007, Reality TV World reported that Jes had already broken things off with Michaels, though her reasons were unclear. 

As for season 2, Bret chose Ambre Lake as the winner, though the duo ultimately split as well. “I still love her,” Bret admitted to People in 2008, adding that they were still hanging out at the time. “She was just out with me a couple days ago and we were having a great time. She’s really got it. I think she’s great.” Though there weren’t any hard feelings between the two, it seems that Bret’s busy touring schedule got in the way of a true romance forming. 

To combat the challenge of balancing a relationship while touring, Michaels opted for the third season of Rock of Love to take place on a bus, as hopeful women joined him on tour and got a taste of the rock and roll lifestyle. Unfortunately for Bret and the third season winner, Taya Parker, their relationship didn’t work out either.

Things never worked out with his longtime girlfriend and mother of his children, Kristi Gibson

While Rock of Love made Bret Michaels’ dating life pretty public, he had relationships outside of the show too. In fact, both before and after filming the series, Bret was in a long-term relationship with actor Kristi Gibson. The duo also share two daughters together, Raine and Jorja. By 2010, the couple had been off-and-on for over 16 years, according to Billboard, and on the finale of his VH1 show, Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It, the Poison rocker asked Kristi to marry him, and she said yes.

Unfortunately for the couple, they wouldn’t make it down the aisle, even after Kristi supported Bret through a number of life-threatening health issues. The duo called off their engagement in 2012 per The Hollywood Reporter, and since then, Micahels hasn’t been linked to anyone in particular. 

While speaking with People, Michaels gleaned some insight into why he never married and why his relationships don’t seem to work out. “The reason for destruction of all my relationships is that I’m passionate about being on the road and making music,” he explained. “The women I date don’t realize that I spend between 6 and 8 months of my life on the road — touring or traveling or seeing family with my daughters.” 

It seems that Michaels’ busy touring schedule gets in the way of settling down, so maybe once he retires he’ll commit to marriage — only time will tell!

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