The Sandlot Cast Then & Now as the Film Celebrates 27 Years Since Its Premiere

The Sandlot came out 27 years ago? You’re killing me, Smalls!

It’s hard to believe that the beloved coming-of-age baseball classic is two-and-a-half decades old — but some of its stars have hardly aged a day. In 2018, PEOPLE sat down with the cast to reminisce about making the film and find out what the former child actors are up to now.

Tom Guiry (Scotty Smalls)

Before Sandlot, Obedzinski, 37, appeared in the movies My Girl and Matinee, but transitioned away from acting as he got older. He now lives and works in Florida. “I own a restaurant in Tampa, Florida and am trying to do [acting] stuff on the side while I can,” he said.

Looking for more Sandlot updates? Watch the video above to hear more from the cast and director David Mickey Evans, who share a little-known story about a key scene that was cut from the original film.

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