The Saunderson Brothers keep it in the family with their new release, Signature Move – The Sun

THE Saunderson Brothers have been on our radar for a while now having talked us through an amazing playlist of ten Detroit classics back in June this year.

Their new release is their debut on Sacha Robotti’s Slothacid imprint. Alongside their famous Inner City parents, they’ve turned the lockdown into a creative opportunity with their Signature Move EP. They recently told The Night Bazaar:

“Collaborating with family is cool because we already know each other so well, and are able to work to each others’ musical strengths and weaknesses. We all live fairly close by at the moment so that makes the entire collaboration process seamless.”

With vocals from their mum, Ann Saunderson, on the title track, and a much-hyped remix from their father, Detroit legend, Kevin Saunderson, this raises the bar for family collaborations and also puts Robotti’s Slothacid label firmly on the map. But whose idea was it for the whole family to feature on the new release?

“It was a group effort really – we usually send most of our music to our Mom to see if she’s vibing for vocals and if we all like the final product we run with it.”

Listen to the new tracks below. Read the interview in full and check out their exclusive mixes The Night Bazaar.

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