The Truth About Kandy Muse Vs. Tamisha Iman’s Fight On RuPaul’s Drag Race: Untucked

While many fans believe that Season 13 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” was long and boring, there was one moment early in the season that people are still talking about. In the “Untucked” after-show — famous for its “Real Housewives”-style fights — contestants Kandy Muse and Tamisha Iman got into one of the most memorable conflicts in recent seasons.

In the season’s fifth episode of “Untucked,” fan-favorite Tamisha found herself in the bottom of the competition’s annual ball challenge, in which contestants present three original themed looks. When Tamisha returned backstage after getting her critiques from the judges, she began lashing out at the other queens. “There’s a couple girls in here I don’t care for,” Tamisha said, “because you have some really nasty attitudes or whatever.” “You’re looking at me?” Kandy asked, to which Tamisha replied, “You’re one … you’re overconfident … it just comes off as arrogant.” This led Kandy to pop off.

“Am I arrogant to you?” she asked each queen in the room. Some said yes. Some said no. But the fight continued to escalate, leading Kandy to proclaim, “If you don’t have star quality, get the fuck out of here!” Tamisha clapped back, “Girl, star quality? I’ve been around 30 years, little girl.” The two continued to scream over each other until Kandy excused herself because she was “going to smack the s**t out of someone.” “B***h,” Tamisha responded, “you may say many things, but you won’t hit me.”

Yikes! So, what happened next?

Both queens still have things to say about each other

In the next episode, Kandy Muse and Tamisha Iman lip-synced against each other, with Tamisha being eliminated. The season went on, and Kandy made it all the way to the finale. But at the season’s reunion, the iconic fight was once again brought to the forefront.

Unlike a traditional reality show reunion, the contestants did not interact with each other. Instead, each queen was given her own segment in which she talked about her time on and after the show, followed by an original music video she created. During Tamisha’s segment, she addressed her relationship with Kandy. “You’re not going to mesh with everybody. So Kandy and I would never be friends, but I don’t wish her any ill will,” Tamisha said (via TVLine). “I don’t wish her any negative hate or anything like that,” presumably referring to the numerous death threats Kandy and her family have received throughout the season.

Tamisha did, however, let the world know how their fight could have gone down. “If the cameras were not there,” she said, “I would have hit her.” Viewers then saw Tamisha’s original music video, in which she performed to a remix of her telling off Kandy in “Untucked,” titled “Arrogant.” Kandy responded on Twitter in a since-deleted tweet,  “she needed a storyline #TEAMKANDY.”

Kandy finished the season as runner-up to winner Symone, and Tamisha continues to post on Instagram Live and peddle her merch. Despite the rocky road, both queens seem to be doing fine.

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