The truth about Selling Sunset stars Chrishell and Christine’s relationship

Even before Chrishell Stause walked in the door at the Oppenheim Group, queen bee of the office Christine Quinn, was admittedly hesitant about another person joining the company. And from that point on, the two real estate agents were never on the same page.

The Selling Sunset stars claim they tried to befriend each other, but it just never happened. Sure, there were some (super brief) moments when these two were cool, but those were few and far between. In a May 2020 Refinery29 interview, Chrishell summed it up (with some shade), remarking, “Some of us [on the show] are true friends, whether the cameras are on or not. And some of us are just co-workers, so obviously that dynamic is going to be very different.”

For anyone hoping that Chrishell and Christine somehow made peace after filming, don’t hold your breath. Chrishell gave an update on their dynamic during a June 2020 appearance on Everything Iconic With Danny Pellegrino, admitting, “Things are not great, I’m just gonna be honest. I love what she brings to the show. I see people are like, ‘I think she’s fabulous. She’s great,’ and I love that she is like that to them. For whatever reason, I have never gotten that treatment from her.” 

As a result, Chrishell said, “I have run out of patience of trying to get along with someone that is over-the-top mean to me all the time. In her own words, she was a ‘f-ing b***h to me.'”

Chrishell blocked Christine on Instagram

Selling Sunset stars Chrishell Stause and Christine Quinn work together, film together, and even share mutual friends, but Chrishell is tired of seeing Christine on social media, revealing that she blocked Christine on a June 2020 episode of BBC’s The Reality Tea podcast. According to Metro, Chrishell remarked, “A lot of people always notice on Instagram, like lately, I haven’t tagged her on something. That’s because, I’m just going to be very honest with you guys, I have her blocked — and it’s one of those things where I think that does come across very childish and ridiculous.”

However, Chrishell insisted, “I have the screenshots. She knows why she’s blocked. I’m sure she hopes that I never show you guys why she’s blocked, because it would be embarrassing to her.'” Of course, Selling Sunset fans would love to see those receipts. She refused to elaborate on the specifics, but Chrishell explained, “It’s just one of those things that if you can’t act appropriately and not attack someone on their own social media, then I’m not going to. This is another boundary thing.” Justin Hartley’s soon-to-be-ex-wife declared, “So you’re going to come onto my page and bring toxic insults and toxic energy, block.”

During a June 2020 Everything Iconic With Danny Pellegrino interview, Chrishell commented, “I can’t deal with her. She’ll do these moments where she’ll just go off and go crazy. And then afterward, she’s like, ‘I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.’ Oh my god.”

Christine insists she tried to be friends with Chrishell

Any hope of Christine Quinn and Chrishell Stause getting along diminished during the Selling Sunset Season 1 finale. Christine defended Mary Fitzgerald’s relationship with Romain Bonnet against comments Chrishell previously made during a conversation with Davina Potratz. Christine wasn’t there for their conversation, but based on what she heard, she felt that Chrishell disrespected Mary’s relationship. 

Christine recalled her confrontation with Chrishell during an episode of Reality Life With Kate Casey, which dropped in June 2020. Christine explained, “She had said all these things and I brought it up and she was like, ‘Oh, I don’t remember what I said’ and it’s like that’s kind of the theme in the group of these girls, that they never remember what they say. But, the camera does.” She continued, “I wish I could say that you guys would see a makeup between me and Chrishell. I’ve actually tried multiple times, to the point of insanity, but you know, she just doesn’t like me. She’s never liked me.”

Christine insisted, “I did my best to reach out. I’m a very forgiving person.” She may have tried at some points, but she’s also dissed Chrishell a few times on Twitter. In May 2019, Christine tweeted, “My Dad calls Chrishell ‘Chantrelle’ and it’s literally everything. He has no idea her name isn’t Chantrelle and I’m not telling him it isn’t.” She also shaded anyone who got Chrishell on those “which cast member are you?” quizzes.

Chrishell claims the show protects Christine

When Chrishell Stause was asked if Christine Quinn has issues with her for the sake of a storyline during her June 2020 interview with Danny Pellegrino, Chrishell said, “No, because some of the stuff that she’s done, the show can’t even use. You can’t call me certain things and the show can’t even air that because then it would be so unlikable, you calling me those certain things.” However, Chrishell refused to share what Christine specifically said that was (allegedly) so offensive that it couldn’t be shown on Selling Sunset.

In regard to Christine’s reality TV persona, Chrishell said, “I get it. She wants to come across that she’s playing a character and whatever… or that she was amping it up for TV. But, the fact is that the show protects sometimes things that she does and says that are too ridiculously rude.” Netflix doesn’t even censor curse words, so whatever Christine supposedly said must have been pretty bad. Or Chrishell’s reaction could just be a bit over the top. Chrishell said, “So, I’ve just hit my limit. I’m gonna zip myself into my ‘leave me the f**k’ alone bubble. I just can’t deal. I’ve run out of patience.”

Chrishell concluded, “We work together. It is what it is,” and it’s entertaining for the fans to watch. Keep throwing that shade, ladies.

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