The Umbrella Academy fans distracted by major change to Luther's physique in Netflix's season 2

THE UMBRELLA Academy dropped its second season and while it’s amazing, packed-full of twists, turns and much more, some fans have got distracted by one very big continuity error. 

Many viewers noted that Luther, who has the physiology of a huge ape, looked a lot bigger in the first series than he does in the second. 

The Umbrella Academy's Luther has a physique that was changed after a botched mission to the moon left him injured.

His dad Reginald was forced to inject him with a life-saving serum to help him recover but the medicine also rendered him a hulking mass of fur and muscle.

The production team used an impressive combination of prosthetics and CGI to create Number One’s impressive shape and size but fans think they have toned things down between series. 

Taking to Reddit, one user posted: “Luther is a lot smaller this season, isn't he?”

Other fans agreed, and suggested the second season’s blockbuster budget may have been responsible for Luther’s slimmed down size.

Compared to the first season, the second series has definitely upped the ante with loads of period locations, amazing costumes, breathtaking action and impressive CGI.

However, fans are picking holes in the continuity of the two seasons with some questioning the more “confusing” plot holes in the second series.

Specifically when Number Five travels in time to meet an older version of himself. 

Netflix dropped its second season of the black comedy/SciFi/superhero show about seven gifted but problematic siblings, and viewers slowly picking apart the inaccuracies of its time travel aspect.

In season one, Five travels back from the future and is an old man trapped in his younger self’s body – but why is he old? 

It’s only been 16 years but he’s apparently in his 50s. Wouldn’t he just be 16 years older? He was 13 at the time of leaving, travelled 16 years into the future without ageing and then 16 years later came back. So why isn’t he 29 like the rest of his siblings? 

During a pivotal scene in season two, episode eight, The Seven Stages, Five and his brother  Luther, played by Tom Hopper, meet an older version of Five and try to steal his time-travelling briefcase. 

While the show has kept fans on their toes, some viewers have been left puzzled over the lack of continuity of the two Fives’ encounter and time travelling in general. 

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