The untold truth of Katherine Langford’s sister

Thanks to her breakout role as Hannah Baker in the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why and her turn as Meg Thrombey in Rian Johnson’s 2019 comedy thriller Knives Out, American audiences and Netflix subscribers are probably pretty familiar with Katherine Langford. That being said, she’s hardly the only Langford in Hollywood.

In Australia, Josephine Langford, Katherine’s younger sister, is just as much of a household name. Josephine, whose most notable roles include the widely-received drama After and the web series adaptation of the seminal horror movie Wolf Creek, is managing to make a name for herself entirely separate from her sister’s career — mostly. 

While both Langfords have been consistently tight-lipped when it comes to their private lives, it’s also true that the media always loves a good feud (look no further than the decades-long spat between siblings Joan Fontaine and Olivia de Havilland for a good example). It seems both Josephine and Katherine were the subjects of a similar sisterly squabble as recently as 2019. So what’s the story behind the rumor? Apparently, it was significant enough for one of the two Langfords to speak publicly about it to the press.

Rumors of a 'feud' between Katherine Langford and sister Josephine were 'crazy'

In an April 2019 interview with Refinery 29, Josephine Langford took a moment to put to rest any rumors of an ongoing feud between the actress and her sister, fellow industry darling Katherine Langford, categorizing the whisper mill as, to put it succinctly, “crazy.”

As per R29, murmurs of a rivalry between the Langford sisters first cropped up in May 2018 — here’s how it happened. During an interview with the French publication L’Officiel, Katherine reportedly “stated that no one in her family was in the entertainment industry,” according to R29. As of this writing, it’s unclear why Katherine said that. Speculation ranges from a supposed rivalry to an attempt on Katherine’s part to make more room for Josephine’s career to progress without being tied to her older sister’s achievements. Many decided upon the former as a motive. In classic tabloid form, rumors of a sisterly scrap between the two spiraled from there.

But according to Josephine, all of it is purely fiction, and, if anything, it’s more amusing than not.

Josephine Langford put the rumors to rest

As Josephine Langford told Refinery 29 in 2019, stories of an insurmountable rivalry between her and her older sister, Katherine Langford, are probably due to the fact that both siblings tend to shy away from speaking about their relationship. This lack of name-dropping has driven fans to almost conspiracy-like heights, one of which, in particular, Josephine couldn’t help but cite.

“My friend sent me a video the other day, and we were laughing at it, because somebody had picked up like a little thing I had done in an interview, and they found what I did in multiple videos and stitched it together in a compilation,” she told R29 at the time. The outlet noted she may have been referring to a “YouTube clip in which a fan dissects and interprets Langford’s words about Katherine.”

She continued: “I think when you have limited content of someone … you just sort of take little parts of what you know about a person, and you extrapolate it.”

Josephine went on to state that while she’d be all-in on collaborating on a project with Katherine, their joint decision to not discuss their relationship with one another is hardly borne out of bad blood — rather, it’s quite the opposite. “We both got into acting on our own, completely separately, with nothing to do with the other one.”

Hopefully, Josephine’s statements have since put any rumors to rest that her relationship with her sister is anything but one borne out of mutual respect, and, from what we can gather, a lovely family bond.

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