The untold truth of Too Hot to Handle’s David Birtwistle

Just when you thought Netflix dropped the wildest reality television show of all time, aka Love Is Blind, the streaming service came out with an even more over the top series, Too Hot to Handle. Although the premise seems simple enough — 20-something singles living and partying in a house surrounded by cameras — the catch is they can’t hook up. “No kissing, no heavy petting, and no self-gratification of any kind,” Netflix says about the show’s rules. If lines are crossed, they receive a fine from a collective $100,000 cash pot. 

As for Too Hot to Handle‘s stars, the show cast an attractive and young crowd with diverse backgrounds. Contestant David Birtwistle, for instance, is a personal trainer who hails from the United Kingdom. The reality star is also brainy, pursuing a petroleum engineering degree in college, as he revealed in an interview for men’s underwear company, D.Hedral.

Intrigued yet? Here’s everything you need to know about Too Hot to Handle‘s David Birtwistle.

David Birtwistle found filming the show "tough"

Not hooking up with people might seem like an easy task when $100,000 is on the line, but for David Birtwistle, the challenge was pretty difficult. “When you’re in the pool, in swimming suits, and you’re very close to one another … having to not kiss someone when you really want to, and you’re like an inch away from their face, that is tough,” he explained to Men’s Health.

Another area Birtwistle found trying? Not being able to work out like he usually would. “We didn’t have enough weight, so we asked one of the girls to stand on our backs as we were doing pushups, just to get that extra resistance in there for that chest workout,” the personal trainer and nutritionist shared. “I think there was bench-pressing some of the girls … at some point.” 

Hookups and workouts aside, Birtwistle also shared his thoughts on (spoilers ahead) Harry and Francesca’s relationship. “They definitely had some moments where they were just thinking about themselves,” he complained to Cosmopolitan about the pair’s connection. “We tried to sit Harry down, like the lads would get together and talk to like him, “Mate, come on, you’ve got to think about other people.’ You know, sometimes he was like, ‘Yeah, but put yourself in our position, how would you behave?'”

Well, we guess fans will form their own opinions after watching the show, which premiered on April 17, 2020.

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