'The View' Co-Hosts on If New Season Will Have 'Calmer' Discussions

The ladies of The View kicked off their 24th season on Tuesday, and while they’re connecting from five locations, that’s not the only thing fans can expect to be different this cycle. As Whoopi Goldberg, Sara Haines, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin and Meghan McCain told ET’s Rachel Smith, their sometimes fiery confrontations might be taken down a notch. 

“The technology is difficult,” Behar admitted. “It’s harder to have a conversation in this format.” 

Behar and Goldberg, at age 77 and 64, respectively, have been rigorous about quarantining and cautious about their health amid the coronavirus pandemic. Goldberg, who has battled pneumonia, has been staying put at home since March — and said it’s made her “calmer and sweet.”  

“I do enjoy rolling out of my bed into this chair, doing the show, and then rolling back into bed,” she shared. “I think that’s a fabulous way to be.” 

Haines is the only co-host doing the ABC talk show from the New York City studio — and said that’s going to continue in order for her to maintain a similarly sunny demeanor. “To get calm and sweet, I have to leave my house, because three people can’t leave by themselves and those are those babies,” quipped the mom of three. “[They’re] adorable, but it’s a lot. So, this is my calm place.” 

Haines is back on the series after her last time as co-host, from 2016 to 2018. “Who wouldn’t want to come back to that round table?” she asked. “It’s like catching a shooting star twice. I feel like this was such a gift for me to sit next to these people.” 

“Sunny and I really miss the studio,” McCain added. “We obviously want to be safe and respectful of the guidelines that are put into place by our government officials, but we miss being at the table and we miss having meetings in the morning.” 

“So much of TV is getting a vibe in the morning and throwing around ideas and getting prepared. Like, half the show happens before the show actually airs. So, I miss that but I also am really grateful that our show can continue being robust and compelling, but being able to do it from home and via satellite,” she expressed.

McCain is still on the panel for now — at nearly nine months pregnant. 

“I’m far from the first pregnant woman that’s been on the show, so everybody’s been really kind and really amenable. It’s funny, the least interesting thing I talk about all day is being pregnant,” she joked. “There’s so much going on in the world and it’s been such a chaotic time that if I weren’t gaining weight and having all these changes in my body, I would probably forget about it.” 

On Tuesday’s show was a discussion of Chadwick Boseman’s life and legacy. Goldberg is lobbying for Disney to create a Wakanda World in their theme parks in honor of his role in Black Panther. 

“People really like to just listen to us speak to each other about the hottest topics of the day. That’s where our sweet spot is and we never lose that,” Hostin said. “We’re friends, not only co-hosts, and we’re able to do that and we all have really strong views, we’re clearly very opinionated women, and you can’t lose that, even if you’re at home.” 

“So, it still works,” she noted. “We’d rather be in the studio, but the viewers seem to still dig it, which is great.” 

Both Hostin and McCain joined The View after creator Barbara Walters’ retirement in 2014. The 90-year-old legendary journalist is in good health, according to Goldberg. 

“I just call her and ask her what she’s wearing,” she revealed. “She’s fine and wearing wonderful things, apparently.” 

See more on The View in the video below.

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