Theres a loss Kate Garraway overcome with emotion as she details strain on marriage

Derek Draper tearful after receiving card from his daughter

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Speaking on BBC’s Your Body Uncovered with Kate Garraway, the Good Morning Britain presenter sympathised with guest Paul, who had suffered a stroke. She began to reflect on her own struggles since Derek was left with a severe and life-altering condition ever since his brutal COVID-19 battle which began in March 2020. She admitted there was “a loss” within her marriage as the couple continue to adapt to their situation.

Paul appeared on the programme to detail the impact the stroke had had on his life.

Kate said she understood his struggle as she opened up about how Derek’s health issues have affected their family.

“I have a little bit of experience with this with my husband being sick. When something is neurological it’s not just caring for a physical problem, it affects the relationship as well,” she explained.

Paul’s wife Lynne also explored this, commenting: “And you don’t know how it is going the affect the non-affected person, as it was, because you’re still the same and they might not know how different they might be.”

“Yeah. There’s a loss, I think,” Kate agreed. “There’s a loss for them in the fact that they’re changed in some way, but there’s a loss that you have to adjust to as well, as a partner.”

Derek, 54, contracted COVID-19 at the start of the pandemic outbreak and was soon hospitalised.

He didn’t return home from hospital until April 2021 after fighting for his life and being placed in a coma.

The former political adviser is still left with no official diagnosis of his condition after he suffered organ failure and clots on his lung.

He may never be able to walk again due to his ongoing experience.

Kate assists in Derek’s care, seeing to his medical needs around the clock.

The presenter has created two documentaries focusing on Derek, who is now living with multiple life-changing ailments

Both emotional programmes were popular with viewers keen to find out about Derek’s progress since he finally left hospital after more than a year.

In a recent appearance on Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh, Kate explained the decision to document her husband’s recovery was “tricky” but she felt lucky people identified with her story.

She told the broadcaster: “It’s a funny thing because one of the things when I started out [as a journalist], is that you never put yourself at the head of the story.

“Then it’s very strange when you are the story, and through no fault of his own, poor soul, Derek did sort of become the story in 2020.

“Because he was one of the first to get so sick, he mercifully survived when others didn’t.”

She continued: “And actually, even now, the virus has obviously left his system, but even now he is in a very challenging position.

“All his organs have been damaged in some way and so he’s not out of the woods but he’s still here.

“I kind of feel like, very sweetly, people sort of latched on to what Derek was going through because their uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters were going through it.

“It was tricky to decide to do it [make the documentary], I found it so emotional. I feel like I was just talking to him and couldn’t concentrate [during visits].”

Your Body Uncovered with Kate Garraway is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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