This Country season 4: Will there be another series? Creators open up on show’s future

All three seasons of This Country are steaming on the BBC  iPlayer now. Season three recently came to an end but will there be more This Country to come? has everything you need to know.

Will there be another series of This Country?

There is bad news for fans of This Country on BBC. Season three will be the show’s final series.

Show creators and stars, siblings Daisy May and Charlie Cooper, explained to and press in London that the decision was based on a number of factors.

Daisy May said: “This is the last series. I think we are ready for something new, weren’t we [Charlie]?”

She joked: “And we’ve run out of ideas!”

Charlie added: “We’ve sort of known from when we did the second series. That we wanted to the special then do another series.

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Producer Simon Mayhew Archer said: “The fact that the whole point of the show is that nothing happens in this village but it just feels like we want to go out with the standard as high as possible.

“In a lot of ways the first series about Kurtan and about him looking to the horizon and couldn’t get out of the village the second series was really Kerry’s series because it was about her and dad and sort of broken family relationships and in lots of ways the last series is about the vicar. So it just feels right.”

Charlie also explained that the passing of their close friend and fellow cast member Michael Sleggs, meant it felt “right” not to continue.

He said: “With Michael not being here, we really felt his absence during the whole filming for that series. It just felt right [to not continue].

Sleggs played Michael ‘Slugs’ Slugette in the serries, a frenemy of Kerry (played by Daisy May Cooper) and Kurtan’s (Charlie Cooper).

In the series, Slugs was diagnosed with cancer and even had a ‘Cancer Bucket List’, which included LaserQuest and a Zombie Escape Room.

In May 2019, Sleggs announced on Facebook that he was terminally ill and receiving palliative care.

He sadly died in July 2019 from heart failure, aged 33.

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Sleggs’ death came just three weeks before filming for season three of This Country was scheduled to start and show creators Daisy May Cooper and Charlie Cooper had to rewrite parts of the series and an entirely new first episode.

Daisy May and Charlie spoke to the press in London including about how they honoured their close friend Sleggs and revealed he had some “mental” requests before he passed.

He even asked for Paul Chahidi, who plays the vicar in the series, to be the real vicar at the funeral.

Daisy said: “He had some deathbed requests that were absolutely f****g mental.


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“One of which was that he wanted his body in his coffin to appear in the first episode.

“I was like, ‘How much morphine had he had?’”

Daisy added: “It was a difficult episode to write because the way Kerry (played by Daisy May Cooper) and Kurtan (Charlie Copper) feel about Slugs is so different from how Daisy and Charlie feel about him.

“It was really tough but we wanted to make it as funny as we can because he was so funny.”

The first episode the series was dedicated to him and titled A Letter from Sluggs.

This Country airs Mondays at 7pm on BBC iPlayer and 10.35pm on BBC One

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