This Morning star announces exciting baby news live on air ‘Caught me by surprise’

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Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were back today to keep the UK’s spirits up as they continue their new lockdown lives. However, Holly started the show today with the announcement that resident This Morning doctor Dr Sara Kayat had given birth to a beautiful baby boy. 

Holly began the show by congratulating Dr Sara who gave birth to little Harris Walker earlier than she expected to. 

Holly and Phillip congratulated the doctor as she joined via video link with her newborn baby. 

Dr Sara began: “I am so, so happy it’s one of those really weird overwhelming, loving sensations that I didn’t think I had in me.”

Phillip chipped in: “And, he was ten days early is that right?”


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Dr Sara added: “He was early and because he was my first everyone thought he would be at least a week or so later, so it caught me by surprise.”

“Very much by surprise, because where were you?” asked Phillip.

“I was at home,” the doctor added. “I had always wanted a water birth I didn’t think that would mean in my bath.”


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