This Morning viewers gobsmacked over guest who still has her Christmas tree up

Stunned This Morning viewers were left gobsmacked over a guest who still has her Christmas tree up.

Animal lover Saffron from Dorset was invited on for a special segment about dog's bad behaviour.

She needed some help with her pet pup Rosie legging it whenever she takes her for a walk.

But presenters Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford refused to let the fact that she still has the tree up some seven weeks after Christmas go.

He probed: "Saffron, look, before we go any further – why is your tree still up?"

She calmly replied: "Well because I love Christmas. I just feel it's a bit of time to have some brightness around."

Eamonn then teased: "Probably not worth taking it down now, is it?"

Ruth added: "You can get in early ahead of next Christmas."

Saffron went on to ask how she can control Rosie who "doesn't come back" and "runs in the opposite direction" whenever they go out.

But viewers didn't seem too concerned about her pet problems and were instead distracted by her home decor.

They focused more on the fact her tree is still sitting in her front room nearly two months after Christmas.

One said on Twitter: "Why would you have your Xmas tree up in the mid of February? Some crazy people around."

Another joked: "Dog doesn't come back as you've still got your tree up."

A third added: "No wonder your dog doesn't listen to you!" while another viewer chipping in: "Looks ridiculous, it's nearly March."

Another took drastic action.

"Hello @metpolice I'd like to report this psycho on This Morning for crimes against Christmas" they posted.

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