This Morning’s Speakmans aghast over rare phobia they’ve ‘never seen before’

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This Morning's The Speakmans were gobsmacked during Friday's episode as a caller shared a phobia that the experts hadn't heard of before.

The fear experts were taking calls from viewers with an array of phobias alongside presenters Alison Hammond and Dermot O'Leary.

Lulu revealed she had developed a fear of terracotta after she fell from her dad's scooter while on holiday.

A car had swerved round the corner really fast and this resulted in Lulu and her dad falling off, and she hit her head on a terracotta pot,

After firstly confirming with Lulu that the accident didn't seriously injure her or her father, Eva shared her excitement as this was the first time they'd heard from somebody with this rare phobia.

She explained: "This is a really great call because we've never had a fear of terracotta before, so thank you for sharing that with us."

Lulu said she get's "physically sick", and "sometimes it bring tears to her eyes".

Also Lulu said her fear is more intense if she is "surprised" by terracotta suddenly being there when she didn't expect it.

Eva continued: "To overcome it, to sever that link to the fight or flight response, what you have to do is see it for what it actually was and not how it felt at the time.

"With new positive evidence, a different perspective will help to sever that connection."

What Eva said next left viewers and the presenters giggling, as she said: "What I'd like to consider moving forward is things such as, wasn't the terracotta pot just as much a victim as you were?

"Because it was minding its own business when all of a sudden you came hurtling at it."

Alison and Dermott couldn't hold back their laughter and Lulu also saw the funny side.

She said she wasn't sure about "seeing the terracotta pot as the victim", but appreciated their suggestions to help her overcome the phobia.

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