Thomas Markle tells Harry ‘stop talking about Royals and love your grandmother’

Meghan Markle's estranged father Thomas has told Prince Harry to "stop talking about the Royals" – and that he needs to focus on loving his wife and children instead.

This comes as Meghan's dad, 76, has spoken out about his relationship with Harry and Meghan in a bombshell new interview with 60 Minutes Australia.

When asked whether he had any advice for Prince Harry, Thomas had some scathing words for the Duke and believes he needs to stop 'exposing' his Royal Family members and instead spend more time 'loving' his wife and children.

Thomas told 60 Minutes Australia: "Stop talking about the Royals, stop giving away all the secrets about the Royals and love your children and love your wife.

He then suggested Harry should be able to turn his efforts to loving his grandmother, The Queen and his dad Prince Charles.

Thomas said: "But also love your grandmother and love your father."

The interviewer then prompted him to talk about his own relationship with Harry, saying: "Father-in-law…".

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On the possibility of a future bond with Harry, Thomas emotionally replied: "That would be nice. If he met me he might [love me]. I'm not an unlikable guy."

Meghan's dad also discussed Harry and Meghan's decision to 'abandon' their families, with the pair leaving the Royal Family.

Asked about what he thought the biggest mistake Harry and Meghan have made, Thomas explained: "Leaving the Royals because that was what she married into. That was explained to her. The people of England loved her and loved Harry.

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"They were the stars and they walked away from that".

He even claimed the Duke and Duchess turned their backs on the UK and went against public opinion, stating: "I just don't think they're taking the right path. I don't know what their ultimate plan is.

"But everything they're doing right now seems to be going against public opinion. The only person benefiting from this is Oprah Winfrey."

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