Tiger King Follow-Up Documentary Series In The Works At ID Network

The Tiger King, which has been binged by millions since it debuted on Netflix, and with some questions left unanswered at the series’ conclusion, a follow-up series is being planned.

The AV Club is reporting that the ID network has announced Investigating The Strange World Of Joe Exotic, which it is calling a “sequel” to the Netflix series.

ID Network’s show will reportedly dig deeper into the investigations around Joe Exotic, as well as the other characters who appear on the show. The press release sent out by the network promises to dig into Jeff Lowe and Doc Antle too: “What skeletons is Joe still hiding within his untold past? Is his conviction truly justified? Who is Jeff Lowe and what does the FBI really know? What secrets lie hidden with Doc Antle’s walls?”

Netflix is reportedly planning a follow-up episode of their own, and it’s unclear whether the filmmakers involved have any ties to this new series. The Tiger King has also provoked a deeper investigation into the disappearance of Carole Baskin’s ex-husband.

Viewership figures on Netflix are way up during the current COVID-19 pandemic, which goes some way to explaining The Tiger King’s popularity.

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