TikTok Stars Charli D'Amelio and Sister Dixie Land Family Reality Show at Hulu

The first family of TikTok is getting their own show.

Social media superstars and sisters Charli and Dixie D'Amelio have landed their own docuseries at Hulu, the streaming platform announced Friday.

The upcoming eight-episode reality series, titled The D'Amelio Show, will take viewers inside the lives of Charli, 16, Dixie, 19, and their parents, Marc and Heidi — who all have a combined social media footprint over 250 million followers — as they navigate their overnight rise to fame while remaining true to their family values.

"We are excited to be joining the Hulu family with a unique behind the scenes look into our life," Marc said in a statement. "We've always been a very close family, but this experience has brought us even closer and we're really excited to share a glimpse of our lives with the world."

"Many people create impressions of us based off of short content, a few minutes or even seconds," he continued. "But now, we're looking forward to sharing a side that you likely don't get to see on our social channels."

At age 16, Charli was thrust into the spotlight as she became one of the biggest social media celebrities with over 150 million followers combined, and no. 1 on the TikTok platform in less than a year.

The show will follow the teen as she works to balance fame and family life with relationships, making new friends in Los Angeles, dancing and battling online critics.

Meanwhile, Dixie is also experiencing sudden success. She has over 78 million followers combined, one of the fastest growing YouTube channels, is and ranked within TikTok's top 10 most-followed creators. Instead of going to college in Alabama, Dixie chose to live in L.A., where she is pursuing a career in music.


As for Heidi and Marc, the pair moved across the country in support of their daughters' dreams. While doing the best they can to remain close as a family, they also want to protect their girls from the dark side of fame.

"Two years ago Charli and Dixie D'Amelio were virtually unknown outside of their town, and now have over 100 million fans who tune in daily for their every move. Every teen on social media dreams of becoming famous, but what happens when the reality hits?" Belisa Balaban, VP of documentaries at Hulu, said in a statement.

Balaban continued, "The D'Amelio Show joins our growing slate of docuseries about the human experience and we're incredibly excited to partner with the D'Amelio family to offer viewers an authentic look at the complicated lives of these two relatable young women thrust to the top of the social media algorithm."


In November, Charli celebrated a major career milestone: becoming the first creator on TikTok to reach 100 million followers.


She later shared a video message with her fans on TikTok. "Thank you guys so, so, so much, I cannot believe that there is 100 million supporters following me right now," she said. "That is insane, oh my goodness."

"I feel like this is a dream," she admitted. "Kind of waiting to wake up."

The D'Amelio Show is expected to debut on Hulu in 2021.

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