Time Trap: will there be a sequel to popular hit film?

With little else to do, many are enjoying the discovery of new gems to watch at the moment and Netflix is the perfect place to do so. They’ve provided a number of titles and shows and one of those is Time Trap – a hugely gripping sci-fi film that was first released in 2017. The film stars Andrew Wilson, Cassidy Gifford and Brianne Howey and focuses on a group of students who go on an epic journey in search of their missing professor. Many fans of the film are wanting to know whether there’ll be a follow-up film, here’s all the details…

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Will there be a Time Trap 2?

There’s yet to be confirmation from the film’s creators on a second film, despite the desire for it from fans. According to film blog The Cinemaholic, the movie “didn’t perform well at the box office” meaning a follow up would be unlikely. However, now that streaming giant Netflix has acquired the film, the cult-like fan base and popularity could rise even further – leading to an increase in demand for a follow up to their mysterious story. In other words, watch this space…

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The eerie sci-fi film is available to watch on Netflix now

What is Time Trap about?

Time Trap follows a group of students from Texas. After their favourite archaeology professor, Hopper, goes missing without any explanation, the youngsters seek to find out the truth for themselves. After setting off on a journey to find him they venture into a deep cave in remote Texas, where they think Hopper has gone missing, only to discover that, here, time works a little differently. In the cave, the group ends up in a time continuum, where time passes much slower than in real life. With no way out, they soon realise that they’re trapped and time on the outside continues to move at a normal, faster pace.

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