Tipping Point fans in stitches as contestant answers ‘obvious’ question wrong

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    Tipping Point fans were left crying with laughter after one contestant incorrectly answered a seemingly “obvious” question very wrong.

    During Wednesday’s visit (May 3) to the ITV studios, beloved host Ben Shephard welcomed three new contestants onto the programme where they put their general knowledge to the test.

    Taking on the machine this week was Chris, Sharon and Ross who put up an impressive fight during the afternoon gameshow.

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    The fan-favourite show regularly sees quizzers battle it out to take home £10,000 by answering brain-scratching questions for counters to put into the 2p arcade-style machine.

    As the game got underway, it was clear to see brainiac Ross was quite a strong player, as he made quick work in eliminating his fellow contestants.

    When he made it through to the final round, Ben gave the player five final questions in an effort to take home the large golden token which would give him £10k.

    But one question left viewers in stitches, as the Good Morning Britain host asked him a question based on his knowledge of video games.

    He asked: "Which of these is the main character in the video game ‘Halo Infinite’ released in 2021? A) Master Chief, B) Tom Nook or C) Lara Croft.”

    Ross confessed: “I don’t have a clue to be honest. It’s definitely not Lara Croft because that’s from Tomb Raider.

    “I’m gonna take a guess, Master Chief doesn’t sound right so I'm going to go with Tom Nook. Why not?”

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    The broadcaster later corrected him saying: “Master Chief was the correct answer I'm afraid. Tom Nook’s from Animal Crossing.”

    Fans quickly flooded to Twitter to poke fun at his "obvious" mistake online, with one user writing: "Tom Nook hahahahaha this guy in Halo? Is he messing?! [three cry-laughing emojis]."

    Another joked: "Hahaha I wish Tom Nook was on Halo [two cry-laughing emojis] #tippingpoint."

    A third quipped: "Tom Nook sounds like an excellent character for Halo [cry-laughing emoji] #TippingPoint."


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