Too Hot To Handle Netflix release date, cast, trailer: When is Too Hot To Hand series out?

Netflix is going to be dropping a fresh new dating show with a twist in the form of Too Hot To Handle. The reality series follows on the heels of viral sensation Love Is Blind and could have viewers across the globe hooked with its twist. has everything you need to know about the forthcoming series.

When will Too Hot To Handle be released on Netflix?

Too Hot To Handle will be released on Netflix on Friday, April 17 with those in the UK able to watch it from 8am BST.

There’s no episode count as yet and it’s not clear if Too Hot To Handle will be dropping in one go like most Netflix Originals. has approached Netflix for comment on this article.

Netflix’s predecessor Love Is Blind had a total of 10 episodes with the first five episodes coming out in one go.


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A further four were released the week after and the finale dropped another seven days after this.

Netflix billed Love Is Blind as a “three-week” event in its trailer, however, it’s unclear if Too Hot To Handle will follow a similar release pattern.

Traditionally, Netflix has dropped an entire series in one with Love Is Blind marking a change for the platform.

The US streaming platform is venturing further into the reality series arena after the phenomenal success of Love Is Blind and Next In Fashion as well as Queer Eye and Tidying Up With Marie Kondo.

Who is in the cast of Too Hot To Handle?

Too Hot To Handle will see 10 singletons from around the globe taking part in the show.

From the trailer, there are participants from the UK, America, Australia.

Netflix will be releasing further details about the contestants in due course.

All the contestants are described in the trailer as “serial swipers” who enjoy dating and sex.

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Much like Love Island, the singletons have been put together on a beach resort and will spend time getting to know each other.

They will all be hoping to walk away with an estimated £79,000 ($100,000) cash prize.

However, there’s a twist: no one’s allowed to have sex or even kiss – otherwise they could forfeit the money.

With each peck or sensual or intimate touch, the constants risk deductions to the money.


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They will be getting instructions from a robotic device called Lana, similar to Alexa.

As the teaser goes on, it appears some start to scratch beneath the surface and get to know each other.

The singletons appear to be forming close bonds and emotional connections.

Much like Love Island, it looks like the participants will be tested with a series of steamy tasks to set pulses races.

From the looks of the trailer, some appear to be more successful than others at not giving into temptation.

Too Hot To Handle will be released on Netflix on April 17

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